1004 Buck Cropped

Activity saw a definite upswing on Saturday morning.  It was by far the highest activity I have witnessed thus far this year.   I watched a small buck make a rub, and forage for acorns, had a few small bucks travel under my stand, and heard some clanking of antlers.  I was even lucky enough to see a couple of small bucks spar a little.  However, far more exciting was the buck I picked up on my trail cam.  The bucks have all but disappeared from the cameras the last few weeks, but this buck passed by my camera the morning of 10/04.  Too bad it was at 3:02AM.  I am encouraged though, this photo means the bucks are still on or traveling the property.  I caught a few more bucks on film, but they were are smaller.  This one is the only one that looks like a potential shooter buck.  Without a good picture, I am not sure whether or not I have this one on film yet this year, so I hope to get more pictures of him and possibly add him to the hit list. 

Also on Saturday a.m. I had the privilege of seeing two coyotes on the property.  They spotted me quickly, but it was awesome seeing some of the other wildlife that inhabits the woods I hunt.


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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