View from the bluff at the first night’s camp spot. I believe this is Little Paddy Creek. We would later filter water from this stream. The water was such a blue green color. It looked gorgeous from this bird’s eye view.

IMG_0246-1Picture from the same location. Our first morning waking up in the backcountry!


The rock face











IMG_0238-1 Packing up that first morning. What a comfy campsite!




Our tent was set up right next to a deer rub. Very cool.








Stream Crossing


IMG_0252Filtering water at the same creek in the photo above.

IMG_0256-1 Majestic Yellow Pines










Remnants of an old homestead









IMG_0267-1 The second stream we had to cross; water shoes required.


Me, playing on the rocks










Dustin relaxing on the rocks









IMG_0293-1 DSC01046


Paul soaking his feet. In class when Paul spoke of soaking his feet on the trail we wondered what the appeal of that was. Now we understand.




IMG_0327-1We picked a camp spot, set up hastily due to the fast approaching storm. This is the arrival of the storm. She was noisy and long lasting.

IMG_0366 IMG_0363


Our first backpacking weekend completed

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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