Today, The Daily Dirt reviewed this portable speaker system, and opened with this comment: “At the end of a hard day’s backpack, it’s natural to want to unwind around a fire with a cold drink and your favorite tune”.  Actually no, I don’t want to unwind with a tune of any sort, especially not one from my iPod.  Call me a purist, or whatever else, but when I am in the backcountry I don’t want to be reminded of my daily grind.  At the end of a day’s backpack, I naturally want to unwind with the soothing sounds that await me at camp.  The crackling of a fire, the cricket’s symphony, rustling leaves, conversation between friends, and the babbling of a brook all are exponentially superior than any downloaded tunes.

I backpack to get away from it all, and to reconnect spiritually with nature.  For me, bringing along an iPod, iPad, or whatever iDevice is counterproductive to experiencing all the wonders Mother Nature holds.  Let me be clear (in my President voice), I don’t begrudge ones who want their music, but please keep your ear buds; 50 cent in the backcountry is not music to my ears.   

Enjoying Nature’s music,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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