Bursts of citrus, hops and malt hit the nose when the top pops on this pale wheat ale from Big Sky Brewing.  Honey-golden colored lager fills my 12 oz bottle.  Upon hitting the taste buds, the bitter hops are prevalent straight away.  I love me some hops, and this beer brings it, but not overwhelmingly so.  The hops balance scrumptiously with the wheat bread and herbal flavors, all the while that citrus (lemon perhaps?) lingers in the background.  Big Sky Brewing named this beer well.  Floating the river, slaying fish, unwinding by the campfire, whatever the outdoor activity Trout Slayer is the perfect sudsy companion.  Perhaps throwing back a few Trout Slayers while on the Yellowstone River is in order, especially if we are indeed slaying the trout!

Suds Up,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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