Fly tying class was a success for Dustin.    I suspect he will buy some materials and hardware on Thursday, because he’s wanted to tie ever since class.  I’m so excited for him!  The pictures are of his first ever handmade flies.    


IMG_0659True reward will come when he catches a fish on one of his own creations.  As I mentioned before, Dustin is quite creative and great at things like this.  I have a sneaking suspicion this will be quite the consuming hobby for him. 

IMG_0657One of the gentlemen we spoke with at Bennett Springs said he used some of his dog’s hair for his flies.  Lord knows we have plenty of that! Venus’ undercoat hair would be good for the body of this type of fly.

IMG_0669 He knows one of the guys (go figure?!) that frequents Rainbow Fly Shop.  The aptly name  Superman (pictured to the right) is of Matt’s creation.  He proclaims it to be popular with our gilled friends.  Dustin is quite keen to learn to tie these.  As for me, I am keen for him to start on patterns for our Montana trip!


This wackadoodle was the popper I blogged about last week.  The blue gill were gaga over these!  We purchased this particular fly, but don’t be surprised if Dustin crafts something with a little inspiration from this guy.

It is my guess that I will have to scour the internet to find some fly patters on native July Yellowstone bugs.  Livingston and surrounding areas house quite a few fly shops; these shops might be the first stop on my fly pattern finding quest…

Tying and Typing,

Dustin & Stephanie

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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