My French press is my love.  It makes a delicious, aromatic pot of coffee without the bulkiness of a coffee pot, and without the hassle of filters.  Dustin and I use it everyday.  We are obviously not the only ones who enjoy the wonderful nectars of the French Press, the inventors of the Smart Cup XPress Lid do as well.  However, the name Smart Cup is a tad misleading, because this invention is actually the antithesis of smart! 

Jeff Baccetti, inventor, thought it would be a novel idea to come up with a tote able/DISPOSABLE French Press and cup all in one!  Oh yes, Jeff, as if the millions of Starbucks cups filling the landfills weren’t enough!  He promotes that it is recyclable, but never fully explains its recyclability.  Recyclable or not…it is just a waste. 

What is so wrong with using your home French Press, then putting coffee in a reusable mug?  Dus and I do it everyday, and it seems just as efficient and handy as these. 

Here’s the wacktastic video:

The company’s slogan, Life is short: Press on, should instead read, Life Is Short: Fill a Landfill!  Treehugger’s take made me laugh: “And now, you can have the convenience of taking the cup, lid, plunger and mesh screen and throwing the whole thing away after a single use. That’s progress!”

Seriously, Jeff, how trashy! 

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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