Let the countdown begin!  In 57 days we travel to the Yellowstone River.  I am desperately trying to keep a clear head for my finals, but to no avail.  My thoughts drift nowhere else but to “Paradise Valley”.  We decided on this location a few nights ago, so perhaps the excitement shall die down in a few days.  However, I doubt it!  For a live look in to where we are going, check out this webcam

Dustin and I are going to be flies on the wall at our local fly shop, hoping to absorb as much knowledge as we can before our trip.   

Once in Montana, we plan to do a multi day float starting at Carbella.  Once we pull out of the river, we hope to spend a day at Yellowstone National Park.  The park is on the travel itinerary for next year; this brief stop will probably be just enough to make us suffer with anticipation.

Happy Trails,

Dustin & Stephanie

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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