This is the Gulf’s oil spill trajectory as of today courtesy of the Ocean Circulation Group.  An interactive map, which hindcasts and forecasts the oil spill’s trajectory, is available at their site.  To say this is the biggest environmental catastrophe of Dustin and my lifetime is a near understatement.  Key West, a place we have always wanted to visit, showed evidence of tar balls on its snowimage white beaches.  Now when we visit, traces of this oil spill will be evident.  The Gulf is forever changed.  Sky Truth has a oil spill tracker that shows all the places that show evidence of the oil spill.  We have reserved writing about this issue because of how upsetting it is to me, but it is a very sad and scary reality. 

Alas, you would think a horrendous catastrophe such as this would be a wake up call.  However, it is no such thing.  Drilling in another pristine area is set to commence.  The Denver Post reports that 11,600 acres of Colorado’s North Park are set to  open for drilling.  Big horn sheep, elk, image moose, antelope, sage grouse, raptors and trout call North Park home.  Drilling in North Park will have a direct impact on these species and the land which they depend on for survival.  Why is this happening?  Well, Patty Limerick, director of CU’s Center of the American West, offers her opinion, “Given our energy habits, and given our inability to change them, we have to go forward with this.”  Inability to change, what a bunch of hogwash.  The ability is there, however too much red tape, oil money, politics and social agendas stifles the hope of progress. 

-Dustin & Stephanie

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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