image Fish counters at Loblaw Markets are suddenly missing something.  This market in Canada understands that the only way people will pay attention to conservation efforts is if it directly affects them.  Loblaw is displaying empty racks in the fish counter to make customers aware that some ocean fish will no longer be a dining option unless measures are taken to protect these fish.  Loblaw says the shelves will again be filled once a sustainable replacement is located.  Together with fisheries, conservationists, marine scientists, World Wildlife Fund-Canada, and the Marine Stewardship Council, Loblaw is committed to finding, promoting and offering sustainable seafood.

"We believe it’s critical that Canadians understand this important issue, and the changes at our fresh seafood counters are among the first steps we have taken to educate customers as to why Loblaw is committed to sourcing all seafood sold in our stores from sustainable sources” says Paul Uys, Vice President of Loblaw’s Fresh Foods.  It is critical and important for ALL people to understand this issue.  Unfortunately, measures such as these (or spewing disastrous amounts of oil in ocean) are the only way to garner people’s attention. 

While this may spark some new conservation interest, it is also bound to make some shoppers uncomfortable and displeased.  For retail, that is not the normal equation for success.  Let’s hope this equation turns out to work for Loblaw and the fish it is trying to protect.

Thanks to Blogfish for this gem of information.  The article from CBC News found here.

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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