Catching white bass hooked me on fishing.  Dustin has caught these beauties for years; as for me, I am still considered a novice.  The first year we were together I read while he fished.  I just enjoyed being outdoors, and I didn’t want to get in his way.   White Bass only spawn for just a short time; so, when it is time one better be spending all the time he can at the river.

Last year, however, Dustin thought it was time for me to get a line wet as well.  Boy am I ever grateful.  A quiet afternoon spent wading in cool water while bubbling with anticipation of getting one of the many swarming fish beneath your feet on the hook is an afternoon of perfection.  Frustration, I must say, does come along with this, but the reward pays out ten-fold.  The fishing gods were a little sweeter to us this year, and our harvests speak to that.  Our “go-to” spot is a bit of a drive, but well worth it!  The picture above shows me with my biggest White Bass to date, 16.5 inches.  Exciting, but Dustin beat me that night with a 17 incher.  He always wins…

White Bass are about the only fish I will eat.  Trout are by far my favorite to catch, but you won’t find me keeping any of those.  It is strictly catch and release for us on trout.  I’ve caught a few crappie, but I don’t really favor those for dinner.  Dustin likes them though.  Blue Gill are also a favorite of Dustin’s, but I have yet to try any of those.  The Blue Gill that find our lines promptly find peace again in their watery homes.  Catfish, well I don’t particularly enjoy fishing for them.  Boring is the name of the game, for me, when talking about fishing for catfish.      

This summer, my species list shall increase.  We are headed to Montana in July where we are able to fish for several different varieties of trout.  WHOOP WHOOP!  About six weeks later, Dustin and I head to Canada.  A whole other ball game awaits me here.  Truth be told, I would be happy only fishing for trout,  and well white bass 🙂


Happy Trails,


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Just discovered some of your older posts, and realized these are pre-fly-fishing. If you ever catch a catfish on a fly rod you might see how fun it is. They fight real hard. I have caught them on slowly fished heavily weighted flies such as a "carp tease."
Do you plan on going after White Bass in the spring of 2011 with your fly rod? Deceivers, Clousers, and Seaducers are deadly on White Bass…. and by the way, it never hurts to eat a stocker Rainbow or two especially when you're catching them from a put-and-take fishery… and where they're not native. Along the lines of what Chris Hunt's blog says "save the west, eat a Brookie."

Stephanie and Dustin

Jay – I didn't start fly fishing until May or June of this year, so all prior fishing was with a spin cast. It is actually the white bass that got me into fishing. I have never caught whites on a fly rod, and I don't think Dustin has either, but I might be wrong on that. He's been fly fishing for a long time. Before we decided to move, we were going to use the fly stuff this spring at our favorite haunts, but alas it is not be. If we can find whites in Colorado, we will for sure try our hand with the fly equipment. They are great eating.

As for the trout, Dustin always takes his allowable quota from the trout park, but I just can't get myself to do it. I hate watching them die on my stringer that I carry on my side. I've gotta buck up on that! He's already anxious to catch some brookies and bring them home to smoke.

Catfish on a fly rod? Oh my goodness, I don't know if I could land one! Those devils give me a workout when I hook into one with the spin cast.

I want to Pike and Smallie fish with a fly rod next summer when we go to Canada. We were convinced not to use our fly rods this past year, but I'm not buying into it for next year. I've done my research and I think we can find success.


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