imageIn approximately 188 hours, Brooke, Matt, Dustin and myself head to Montana.  Where in Montana is still the question without an answer.  As of this morning, the Yellowstone is flowing at 11,600 cfs; ideally, we need that to come down to about 6900 cfs.  However, the water temperature is warming, and stands at 48° this morning.  Naturally, our fingers are crossed for a floatable Yellowstone,  but thanks to Angler’s Tonic we have a great alternative plan lined out for us.  Montana is chock full of trout waters, so our options are quite plentiful.  However, after some consideration and ample help from Greg,  we chose the Big Hole as our back up plan, and what a back up plan it seems to be.  According to multiple sources, the Big Hole River is about as scenic as they come, and the fishing is second to none.  Along with ‘bows andimage browns, grayling call the river home as well.  I believe this is the only stream in the lower 48 that still houses a grayling population.  Outstanding.  A few more challenges await us on the Big Hole than on the Yellowstone, but is sounds like the challenges are worth it.  Dustin is calling Sunrise Fly Shop in Melrose, MT today to get the scoop on some Big Hole patterns.  He’s been busy tying some King Prince Nymphs and Prince Nymphs for the Yellowstone, but wants to get started on some patters that have luck on the Big Hole,; just in case we have to change our plans.  It is crazy having no idea what we are doing, but in the same vein it is fun as well.  Either way, in 8 days we’ll be heading to trout paradise!    

Counting the hours,

Dustin & Stephanie

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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