IMG_0090 During Venus’ lifetime, she has covered a lot of pavement with her mommy.  Her youthful days saw many miles covered during the dawn of a new morning, or the dusk of a completed day.  Addicted to walking at that time, her and I strutted through multiple neighborhoods and parks, both enjoying our time equally.  Just reminiscing about those days brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.  Flash forward to present day Venus.  She celebrates her 11th birthday on July 1st.  Walks for her now are a little slower, a lot shorter, and I started to think she lost her manners.  Pulling on her leash is not typical behavior of my dog, but lately she was doing itIMG_0608 every walk.  A few weeks ago, she pulled to the ground her grandpa , who is a formidable sized man (to his credit he was recovering from knee surgery, so he was not in top form).  He suffered bruised ribs.  Now, she has never been quite that forceful with me, but she has been pulling noticeably to the yards we pass.  I thought this was her trying to get her smell on, but turns out my assumption did what assumptions you do if you catch my drift.  Two Fridays ago, Venus had a dreadful walk.  She started limping halfway through, and need a pit stop at the park to recover.  Of course, I cried and was upset when I got home.  Monday, we tried again.  Feeling guilty for her painful Friday walk, I let her pull to the grass.  Much to my surprise, she didn’t smell around or dilly daddle, she just keptIMG_0162 walking.  Turns out she didn’t want to get to the grass for doggie games, rather she wanted to WALK on the grass.  EUREKA!  The grass is much softer for her joints.  Now, why did I not think of that before?  Sheesh, my dog has to teach me everything .  I am happy to report, the grass walking is working wonderfully.  No whimpers, whines, or limping has occurred since the grass walking solution. Needless to say, Venus and I are enjoying some happy walks again!        

Strutting with my pup,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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