IMG_0764Well it was Thursday yesterday, and that means fly tying night at Rainbow Fly Shop.  Dus looks forward to this class all week long.  Again, I am so happy I encouraged him to pick up this hobby.  Last night he tied a couple new flies, a Parachute Adams and a King Prince.  Both of these flies are good for Missouri Trout, and the King Prince is a go to fly in  Montana as well. IMG_0785 Not only did Dustin learn to tie some new fly patterns at class, he also got a list of must have flies for our trip.  The guys at Sweet Water Fly Shop took the time to point Dustin in the direction of Idyl Wilde flies.  According to them, these are quite successful on the Yellowstone River.  I think Dustin is going to try his hand at a few of the patterns. 

Speaking of the Yellowstone River, there is still quite a bit of snow pack in the mountains, and cool temps on the horizon.  Conditions may not be ideal for our trip, so it is necessary to look into other options.  I called on Greg at Angler’s Tonic for some suggestions, him being a Montana resident and all.  He pointed us in a good alternate direction.  However, it will come down to us checking the river a few days before our float.  Either it is a go, or a no go and then we make our decision from there.  Nothing like winging it for a 30th birthday vacation!   

Hoping for a clear river,

Dustin & Stephanie  

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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