image Job hunting is never a fun task.  Unemployment found me nearly a year ago, and I’ve survived on my unemployment since then.  Before you judge me as a slacker, it is important to know I have been diligently working towards my degree in Environmental Studies.  My plan for graduation is Spring 2013.  The tricky part for me is finding a job that pays enough to cover my bills, yet offers me a flexible schedule to deal with school.  The next two semesters, the scheduling should not be a problem since most of my courses I can take online.  However, after this school year, the rest requires me in the classroom with a 15-16 credit hour schedule.  Also in that time, I have to participate in an internship and volunteer.  Yes, I am going to be quite the busy girl.  Then comes the part, where a year from now Dustin and I might be looking to move (hopefully) to Colorado or Montana.  GRRR!!!  This is an odd blog post, I know.  It is more for me to vent about my frustrations in finding a job.  One will come my way eventually, right?!

Hunting (for a job that is) with a vengeance,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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