Scrambling for a new destination, I entered Dynamic Earth frazzled and confused.  Jeremy, the new manager, calmed my nerves and recommended a Colorado destination we had not yet considered.  Grasping for straws at this point, this recommendation became our springboard, and plans sprouted up around it.  Needless to say, Thursday was quite the stressful day, but all turned out well.  I’ll share our vacation in a series of posts.  This first one includes Thursday and Friday pics and commentary.  I must tell you, our pictures do not do the scenery justice.  My eyes are suffering a scenery hangover.

Due to the last minute change of plans, we pushed back our pick up time with Brooke and Matt.  We thought this would lead to a late night, but surprisingly enough packing was easy and allowed time for an excellent dinner at Jalisco’s in Blue Springs.  To say this food is magnificent is an understatement.  With bellies full, the truck loaded, and anticipation heavy on our minds we hit the sack for our 4AM wakeup call. 


As planned, we were on the road at 5AM.  Brooke, the birthday girl, took the first shift driving.  Everyone that has drove through Kansas understands it is a excruciatingly boring drive. Boredom really started to kick in after Hays, KS.  Seeking a respite from the less than captivating scenery, we decided to throw in some tunes.  Dixieland Delight, what a great start.  Then of course, the ultimate be naughty song plays.  As “Craig” by Stephen Lynch pulsed through the speakers, we were blessed with a billboard bearing a painting of Jesus in a cornfield.  Giggles erupted all around.  That J.C., he sure has a sense of comedic timing.

  IMG_0864Spectacular KS scenery

IMG_0865Hays, KS…still a long way to go.

IMG_0866Finally…another state!

IMG_0869A mountain!  YAY!

IMG_0871Rain in the distance


The drive through the mountains was a slow go, but allowed time for us to stare with mouths agape at all the beautiful wonders of nature surrounding us.  All the while, Matt fixed his eyes on the road and white knuckled it so we could take it all in.  We stopped in the quaint little town of Idaho Springs for some lunch.  Smoking Yard BBQ had some great grub!  It is a must stop if you are in the area.  Idaho Springs not only held fantastic food for us, it also provided entertainment.   While at the gas station, Brooke and I exit to the car and hear a CRASH to our left.  What do our eyes find, an Escape plowing over a sign, and headed straight for the building.  Luckily for the passengers, the Escape comes to a halt.  Dustin heads over to help them out, and finds out it is a rental they are driving.  Oops!   After some strategic moving of the SUV and sign, Dustin assists them in getting the SUV free.  It suffered just a bit of damage, and provide us with another memory to take away.  



IMG_0891There is a mule deer grazing right where the water spot is…I’m not blessed with photographic timing

IMG_0899Mountains, check. Cold mountain stream, check.  Delicious lunch, check.



Fishing was tough that first night.  None of us have ever fished in raging water like we experienced on the Colorado’s banks that night.  Only I found success, and it was not due to skill, but pure luck that the brownie liked my fly.  Ami’s Acres is where we called home Friday night.  Nestled in the side of a mountain, our campsite was just the perfect size for us and afforded spectacular views.  After fishing, we headed into town to get some grub.  Stumbling towards us, a young man tried to entice us into a bar in downtown Glenwood Springs, but we had to shake him off.  Grub was the first order of business, but it turns out grub was hard to find.  Brooke’s b-day dinner ended up being at the Village Inn…at least she got a piece of birthday pie. 


IMG_0917Birthday girl getting her fly pole ready for action

IMG_0919First fish of the trip, my first brownie, and the first time fishing FAST water

IMG_0920   A closer look



Desperate to return,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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