Steelhead Still Classified as Endangered – Conservation lodged a victory in California this past week, which are few and far between.  They have lost over 95% of their historic habitat, and face other obstacles like urban sprawl, dams and polluted waterways.  Score one for the metals!  Yay! (Freshwater Fishing News)

Elwah River Says it’s Dam Goodbyes – Could this be a precedence?  Destruction of 2 dams on the Elwah River is set to commence September 2011.  The removal of the dams hopes to bring greatness back to this one time fabled salmon and steelhead fishery.  Another huge victory for steelhead conservation.  (Seattle Times)

Epic Steelhead Run – The Upper Columbia may experience a killer run this year according to biologists.  Perhaps a vacation is in order? (My Central Oregon)

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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