I have yet to finish posting about Colorado, and here I am fresh off a trip to Canada.  We returned home from Peffleys Camp in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  For us, coming home meant time to finally rest.  After hitting the water before sunrise, and returning back to camp well after sunset our batteries need a recharge.

IMG_1360  The town’s namesake – Perrault Falls

IMG_1371 View from our cabin

Resting and recharging is the name of the game for me this week, while Dustin plans to run around like crazy in preparation for deer season.  Can you believe it is only a month away.  In the midst of his busy week, he also has his brother’s bachelor party this weekend.  I am not sure what plans he needs to make except getting the libations for a weekend filled with debaucheries at the lake.  Better him than me this weekend, as my 30 year old butt needs some rest before I start my 18hr semester.  Where did the summer go? 

IMG_1382 Sunset

The lake this weekend, while filled with booze and buddies, I expect will fall well short of our last week spent at Lake Wabaskang in Perrault Falls, Ontario.  I want to finish writing about Colorado before I begin Canada.  So, in the meantime, enjoy some teaser pics.  

IMG_1387 Sunrise


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Written by Stephanie Mullins

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