IMG_1684 Is it just me or is the acorn deluge early this year?  Crunching away happily, Bailey’s foraging is interrupted by a PLOP!  Beans was bunked on the head by an acorn, and then another.  It was comical.  Closer inspection revealed our yard covered in a shallow layer of acorns.  Dustin could hardly contain his giddiness.  Acorns falling…well you know what that means, deer will be in the woods chowing down. 

Every deer hunter knows just how much deer love acorns; they prefer White Oak acorns to any other, but I doubt they’ll pass up any acorn.  Above all else, this is what a deer craves.  Acorns allow them to pack on the pounds in a relatively short amount of time.  Of course this is important since the mating season is just around the corner.  Dustin will definitely be in the woods on Sept. 15th, and if you are seeing the amount of acorns we are, that’s where you should be too.image

I won’t be here to celebrate the opening of bow season this year.  Dustin, however, is chomping at the bit, and is anxious to try out a new stand.   Climbers have always been Dustin’s preferred method; they give him versatility and comfort that hang-on’s just don’t provide.  This year, he is mixing it up a bit with Summit’s Raptor Series RSX Eagle.  This stand uses the “Talon Bracket system” which allows for installing or removing the stand in less than a minute.  That sure will be appreciated at 4AM!  The option to have multiple locations for this stand make it ideal for the property; plus, it keeps other people from sneaking on and using the stand.  Bonus.  Summit claims it is super comfortable, but I’ll wait to take Dustin’s word for it.  I almost bought this stand for him last year, but it was recalled, which leaves me a little nervous.  I guess that is why they make harnesses.

IMG_1678 As for my trip; I leave at 2:00AM Friday.  I have a long drive, and then a short hike in to my first camping location.  My first shower will be Wednesday night; Chris is getting me a hotel room in Estes.  I am sure that is going to be the best shower of my life.  As for my food situation, I have room to spare.  With two extra days of food, my total food weight is 7lbs which includes the bear canister.  Not bad, I don’t think.  Anticipation is really starting to set for me.  I am going to stop at a Fly Shop before I get into RMNP; word on the street is I just need to pick up a some caddis and a few terrestrials size 18-14; that sure seems easy enough.  More than anything I want to catch a trout, all on my own, without Dustin.  That will definitely be a crowning jewel for me.  I can’t wait to blog about my trip; I know it will be great! 

Unless Dustin gets a wild hair and does some blogging, this will be the last post until I get home on the 20th.  Dustin is flying out on September 17th to meet me in Colorado.  We are going to check out Fort Collins, and hopefully meet with some potential landlords. 

Happy hunting,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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