Wow, Dustin sure was a sight for my trail – weary eyes as he walked through the Denver International Airport concourse.  It’d been a great week, but it was definitely time for some QT with my man.  The drive from the airport to Fort Collins was a little over an hour; I-25 was brutal heading South, but not as bad heading back North.  After dropping off bags at the Fort Collins Hilton, which was right by campus and the CWD testing center, we hit up “Old Town”.  Happy dogs greeted us at every turn.  The streets were lined with people and their furry friends.  Restaurants had dog bowls, and dog areas.  How about that for dog friendly?

IMG_2109 CSU Annual Garden

Old Town was laid back and trendy at the same time.  There was no shortage of places to shop, places to grub, and places labeled “medical oasis”, dispensaries if you will.  It was a hard choice for us, but we ended up popping into Cooper Smith’s.  Octoberfest was our brew of choice, and it was everything an Octoberfest should be, smooth, subtle on the hops, slightly sweet and 6%.  Dinner was tasty.  My review might be slightly slated since I’d been eating my backpacking meals all week; so I might have to try Cooper Smith’s again to give a totally honest opinion.  We headed back to the hotel full and happy!

Saturday morning introduced us to Wild Boar Coffee.  May I just say this is the BEST coffee shop ever?!  Housed in an early 1900’s bungalow, the Wild Boar offers many sitting areas with different themes.  The baristas Saturday morning were top notch!  We loved Wild Boar so much we stopped in for coffee 3 times over the weekend.  Saturday morning also introduced Fort Collins to “Dustin weather”.  Fun fact, Fort Collins is one of the sunniest places in the U.S.  It is sunnier than San Diego, CA and has nearly 320 sunny days a year.  That is until my own personal rain cloud came to visit.  The weather was dreary all weekend, and Dustin never did get to see the beautiful mountains that flank Fort Collins to the West.  The rain just follows that guy everywhere!   


As for the CSU campus, it is definitely not on par with KU as far as campus beauty goes, but then again CSU has mountains.  I’d say that tilts things slightly in its favor.  Not to mention, CSU has Pingree Park.  I don’t think KU can compete with this in anyway.  The gardens were also beautiful at CSU.  The annual garden was right across the street from Wild Boar, so we got plenty of look-sees at it. 

Thanks to Chris, I knew where I wanted to go at least for one of our meals, C&B Potts.  It was in his best breweries book.  Again Dustin and I had the Octoberfest, and we were not disappointed.  Dinner was good, and made even better by a great UT and Tech game.


We tried to hit up as much of Fort Collins as we could; we drove to the reservoir, cruised by parks, poked around campus and walked through Old Town.  Our consensus was that it is an awesome little Colorado town that brews good beer, loves dogs and has plenty of recreational activities.  Who could ask for more? 

I’m sure glad Dustin flew out to drive home with me.  Once Sunday rolled around, I was completely wiped out.  He was such a great guy and drove the whole way home, which was a bear, especially after Hays, KS.  That trip through Kansas never gets easier…


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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