IMG_0833The drone of the food dehydrator sneaks up the stairs as I write this post.  This sound means one thing, a backpacking trip is imminent.  This time, however, I am cooking for one.  It is quite different only having to worry about one mouth to feed.  Menu planning, normally, is quite the task, but this time it seemed to come together rather easily.  Lunches still gave me a little trouble though.  Our favorite lunch is definitely the tuna packets with  those mini bagels.  The packets are the perfect serving for two, and the bagels are already thin so it doesn’t matter if they get a little smashed.  Without this lunch, I am left scrambling for ideas.  The packet is too big for just me, and the lunch itself is kind of a heavy one.  I’m carrying all the food this time, so weight is a little more of a concern.  So fellow backpackers, I ask you, what are some of your favorite lunches?

Breakfasts for me are pretty basic, oatmeal with fruit and granola with milk.  I’m easy to please in the morning.  Dinners are quite the meal thanks to Chef Glen.  His recipes are so simple, and I haven’t had a bad thing yet!  Snacks consist of some dried fruit, almonds, trail mix and cookies.  The cookies are not made as of this am, but I am not hitting the trail without a sweet or two.

This solo trip is causing a little nervousness in my belly, especially because a few nights I will be roughing it alone since Chris has to head into town to ship disease samples.  EEK!  Also, I have to a couple of hikes solo; this part doesn’t scare me so much.  I am actually looking forward to that, as I think it is a good time for some reflection, and soaking in all the goodness of nature.  While the nights will be scary (and COLD!), I think this trip will be quite empowering for me as well.  Any of you guys ever spent a night alone in the wilderness?  

I better get back at it.  I have a lot of homework to do this week to stay caught up while I am gone, and I still need to get finished washing merino and packing my bag.  As if this is not enough, I have to get Dustin squared away for the week, and pack him a bag.  He’s flying out Friday the 17th so we can spend the weekend in Fort Collins doing a little research!  I’m glad he’ll be with me on the long drive back home.

Here’s to a busy, but great week,


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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