With official word I was accepted to CSU, and the house on the market, Fort Collins is our definite moving destination.  Now the question must be asked, what is Dustin going to do about hunting?  After all, hunting whitetails is Dustin’s #1 passion. 

This season he is covered.  He has some new land to hunt along with his “old reliable” patch of land here in town.  Unfortunately, this year the hit list is smaller than in recent years.  Much to my dismay, Mr. E has not made an appearance.  Twig, whom we have pictures of last year, is the only one Dustin thinks makes the cut, and even he is small in my opinion.  There are a few factors playing into the shortage of deer on the property, but we speculate there is less activity at “the farm” because just down the road is a 30+ acre cornfield.  Big bucks, aka smart bucks, and wise old doe are most likely chowing down on all that starchy goodness.  Good for them, bad for us.  

MDGC0214  “Twig” in 2009

PICT1256“Twig” in 2010

Twig was injured last year, and we wondered how he would recover.  It looks like he’s recovered, and feeling well.  Pictures of him showed up in the morning, and the middle of the night.  It doesn’t seem he is around here near dusk.  Recently, Dustin heard that big bucks aren’t taken in the morning, rather in the afternoon or evening.  He’s shot all his bucks in the morning; perhaps he should hold out for the afternoon and evening hunts this year?  I must say, however, since Twig is showing signs of being around in the AM, I expect Dustin to not heed the advice of the talking head.

Now, what about next year?  We watch a lot of the Outdoor Network in this house.  Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc, etc all garner attention from those shows, but noticeably absent are featured hunts for “Colorado Whitetails”.  Elk and mule deer are prevalent, but are whitetail?  This is a question that needs an answer.  Dustin just won’t function if he isn’t able to hunt whitetail.  I’ve found him a list of archery shops around the Fort Collins area.  Hopefully a call to them will shed some light on the issue.  I’ll keep you posted. 


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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