IMG_2365 Little sunshine peaking through after a late afternoon rain

Report from the stand says buck activity is starting to get a little frisky.  This is good news because we are just a week and a day away from Dustin’s favorite day of the year to hunt, Halloween.  Last night he jumped “Twig” on his way into the stand.  It is a bummer he jumped him, but is good news as well because Twig is bedding on the property.  Dustin hasn’t seen a lot of him, but was rejuvenated after startling him out of his siesta.  Another tidbit of good news, the corn is gone!  Dustin suspects a corn field down the road has been housing a lot of his property’s deer.  Much enthusiasm came last night when he reported the corn was cut.  Halleluiah!  

 IMG_2348 Nice open shooting lanes

On the other property, he’s found a couple of good places to set up shop along well worn trails.  The first night in a new location, Dustin was treated with a visit from a small 8 pointer.  He’s hopeful for this stand location.  He saw the buck before sunset which is always a surprise when the moon is full, as it has been this week. 

 IMG_2367He’s shaping up to be a nice buck in a year or twoIMG_2373It’s your lucky day, lil guyIMG_2366 

We’ll see how this property pans out for Dustin.  It is notorious for producing monster bucks.  Not to mention, there is a large unidentified black cat on the property.  Dustin has not seen it yet, so we are unsure if it is urban legend or the mysterious cat actually exists.  Dustin is getting to hunt this land thanks to his friend Ziggy.  Dustin feels really fortunate to be the first bow hunter allowed on the property before rifle season.  Speaking of Ziggy and monster bucks, here is a little sample of the boys that call this land home…

IMG_1668   Ziggy’s 2009 Trophy Harvest

It’s getting to be game time here in Missouri.  Let’s just hope Dustin gets a win or two.


Written by Stephanie Mullins


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