Obligations have kept me quite cooped up since my RMNP trip.  Cabin fever has taken full hold of me, and my desperation to get out and spend a day on the water is manifesting as crabbiness.  With that said, this weekend we were able to head out of town, albeit it wasn’t for anything outdoors related it was a joyous and fantastic occasion nonetheless.  Bryan, Dustin’s brother, married his long-time college sweetheart Lindsay in a magnificent ceremony and reception in Omaha, NE.  Dustin served as Best Man.
Desperately wanting to do something other than work and study, Dustin and I decided to take Friday off and head to the Omaha Zoo.  While seeing animals in captivity isn’t something I enjoy; it was a fun day.  Let me interject here, zoos do an excellent job educating people about wild animals, and many contribute valuable research to species preservation.  I must say, however, that I walked away from the Omaha Zoo less than impressed.  While we did get to see the animals up close and personal, their lack of space was a little disturbing.  The Kansas City Zoo receives it’s criticism, but one cannot criticize the amount of space they allot for the captives.  Wow, I sound like a total complainer!  On a positive note, Omaha Zoo is engaged with Lemur restoration efforts in Madagascar, and have seen promising results.  The Lemur exhibit was my favorite.  Their work with conservation does not end there; the zoo participates in amphibian conservation, conservation medicine, molecular genetics, nutrition, rare plant research, reproductive physiology and technology transfer.  Check out the conservation page hereAll of their research efforts help ease the discomfort of the small exhibits.  The Henry Doorly Zoo is doing very good things!  

IMG_2158Aardvarks; I could not believe how LARGE they were
IMG_2160  IMG_2161 IMG_2167
IMG_2171  Can someone please get me out of here?
IMG_2173 Momma and cub – siesta time
IMG_2181This guy was a total hamIMG_2182
IMG_2207 IMG_2211 IMG_2213 IMG_2214
After the zoo, Dustin and I had to shop for some pants.  He’s “outgrown” all of his.  This was a quick affair and afforded us time to check out a great microbrewery, Nebraska Brewing Company.  In three words, beer was delicious; we purchased a Growler for the weekend festivities; it lasted one night.  Rehearsal went fairly smoothly, and then we were treated to a FABULOUS dinner at Le Peep.  Bryan and Lindsay sure must be special; we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.  After dinner, everyone came to our hotel room for a pre-wedding get together.  It was nice seeing all the guys interact with one another.
Saturday we had some free time, so we went over to Scheels.  Talk about a HUGE sporting goods store.  They had quite the selection of various things, but their fly fishing department was nearly extinct.  I guess not too many people fly fish in that area.  However, they had a lot of spin/baitcaster tackle and plenty of ice fishing gear.  It never really gets cold enough to ice fish here, but I hope I might get to try my hand at that this winter since we’ll be Colorado residents.  For you gun enthusiasts, their gun selection was out of this world.  I would recommend checking it out if that is your thing.
As for the wedding, it truly was perfect.  It might have been on the breezy side, but once the ceremony commenced I didn’t notice.  Standing under crisp green and yellow colored trees, the river trickling in the background they exchanged their vows at sunset.  The reception was equally as marvelous.  They really put on one of the best weddings I’ve attended, and lord knows I’ve attended my fair share.  Congratulations to them!  They are honeymooning in Colorado this week (good choice)!
Here’s a few shots…
IMG_2217   Nothing like drinking keg beer out of a coffee pot
IMG_2218 His last night as a single man – the boys thought it prudent to take him back to his college days.  Heaven help us!
IMG_2223 IMG_2238
IMG_2299 The brawn and the brains behind Antlers & Gills
Again, I send out “Congratulations” to Bryan and Lindsay! 

Written by Stephanie Mullins

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