Or perhaps it is in the water; whatever it is, this year we have seen some truly unique bucks on one of the properties Dustin hunts.  Most of the pics were captured before the season.  However, Dustin has seen these bucks in his stand since the season commenced.  Normally, the deer on this property are pretty typical, but as you can see, not this year.  We have one that has a unicorn antler, one that only walks on three legs, and has a crazy spiked rack, one that has an antler growing down the side of his face, one that is super wide, but has no height on him, one that has all height and few points.  It is rather strange, but made for an interesting viewing season.  

PICT3721 We call him “Unicorn” or “Uni”PICT0764


PICT1914 “Blind Side”PICT1925

PICT0530 Three legged “Mr. Spikey”PICT0546

PICT0241 This is “Curvy”.  All curves, no height.  PICT0245 

PICT0580A six pointer last year, and barely an 8 point this year, but wow is he tall! PICT0583

And then there is “Twig”.  He’s on Dustin’s hit list.  He hasn’t been around much since the season started, and when he is it is always in the middle of the night.  The infamous Mr. E. went nocturnal last year; we hope Twig doesn’t do the same.  

PICT1383 PICT0615 PICT0031

A shortage of deer is not a concern for this property; however the shortage of typical racks seems to be.  Dustin wants a spectacular non-typical on the wall (who doesn’t), but Uni and Mr. Spikey aren’t old enough to take.  Heck, Mr. Spikey might be illegal.  I don’t think he has 4 1” points on one side.  However, it is his last year hunting whitetail so why not be a little less choosy.  At least that is my two cents.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Found you through Troutrageous – NICE camera work and subject matter. I actually fish (when I get the chance) some of the water you did your research on!

Look forward to reading more. Stop over my way if you get a chance – always looking for constructive criticism!


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