Active deer, calm winds, back edge of a cool front…all conditions that can lead to a successful day of hunting.  All of these aligned for Dustin the other night.  Teeming with excitement and confidence Dustin blew me a kiss as he hurried out of the house to get in the stand.  He knew this was the night he would bring something home.

IMG_2327 Ready Freddy

On the way in, he spooked a doe.  Oops.  He shakes it off, and gets settled in his stand.  Locked and loaded, he sits as motionless and silent as a winter’s night, his confidence still high about his odds.  That is, until nature calls.  Dustin heads out the stand; he’s held it as long as he could.  Midstream, Dustin glances up and lo and behold a voyeuristic doe is watching him relieving himself.  Double Oops.  Calmly and quietly reaching for his bow, Dustin decides to take a shot.  He gets ready to pull  back and his confidence falters.  Triple Oops.  His poor shooting year entered his head, and he decided not to take the difficult shot.  He curses himself; the doe was on track to head right under his stand, until he exposed himself to her, of course.  Slightly defeated, but still hopeful, he climbed back into his stand.  Shortly after getting situated post-pee, he spotted a buck.  Alas, it seemed as if the buck was trying to play a cruel joke; he stood hidden in some thick gnarly brush.  Dustin could only see him with the aid of the binoculars, and the buck stayed there for awhile, taunting.  Turns out the voyeur and the taunter were the only deer Dustin would get a glimpse of that night.  Needless to say, he attended to nature’s duty before leaving the house this evening.

IMG_2330 At least the leaves are pretty…


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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