Or in Dustin’s case you miss some.  A rough shooting season has plagued Dustin this fall.  Normally, Dustin is deadly with his bow.  A good thing to be when hunting, of course.  However, he’s not so deadly this year.  His first miss was a 10 pointer; this past weekend he missed a doe.  He said she jumped the string.  Tough luck!  He’s practiced here at home, and seems to be doing well.  It just isn’t translating to the field this year.  Is anyone else having a tough shooting year?

An old bow could be a contributing factor for him.  To Dustin’s credit, he is shooting a very loud, and slow bow.  Two seasons ago, he ran over his Diamondimage Triumph, a bow he really liked.  Due to that miscue, Dustin reverted back to his ancient PSE Fire Flight.  He’s killed deer with it since, but I must admit the thing shoots quite loudly.  I can hear it shoot here in the house when he is in the back yard.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have the cash to upgrade.  Poor Dustin has to pay the consequences of the move…insert his whine here. 

Giving him hope is his wish list.  On it is the Bowtech Admiral or the Diamond IceMan; both offer a near silent shot, lightening fast speed and big price tags.  Neither of us is sure just how much bow hunting Dustin will do in Colorado.  The first mule deer season Dustin will have to apply for non-resident tags.  Those are pricey!  What we do know is this, if Dustin is going to be successful in Colorado, he’s going to need a bow upgrade.  He’ll have to shoot Mulies, Elk and Moose at much longer ranges than he shoots Whitetail now.  Guess he better start saving some pennies.

Anyone have an IceMan or Admiral?  What say you?


Written by Stephanie Mullins


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