November, already?  Halloween came and went, still there is no BBD (big buck down), or even a doe down for that matter.  This hunting season is really giving Dustin fits.  He doesn’t know why he isn’t seeing many deer.  The ones he has seen are bucks not big enough to take, and does show up just on the periphery of shooting distance.  Perhaps it is his scent elimination gear?  He also thinks maybe he has not been up in the trees enough.  His hunting days are lower than last year, but not significantly so.  He has more stand locations, and they are higher in the air.  Perhaps he has too many choices?  He can study all the signs, check the net for optimal deer movement times, position himself downwind, and be totally scent free, but it is all just a matter of being at the right place at the right time.  I just hope those line up sooner rather than later. 

IMG_2408 Can you spot the stand?  One of the locations of Dustin’s new Summit Eagle.  Looks like a great tree to me.

IMG_2403 Long days in the stand = siestas on the couch

I’m rooting for Dustin to bag a buck and doe, so his hunting can end.  You see, he has forgotten his love affair with fishing.  This weekend marked the end of the season for Bennett Springs, albeit it does open again in mid-November, and Dustin refused to take me.  Hunting came first, and fishing just was not an option.  I was seriously rebuffed.  I have my needs too!  School is taking a toll on me, and I desperately wanted a relaxing day at the Spring.  Alas, it did not happen.  The whitetail won.  As if that was not enough, I mentioned getting a line wet this upcoming weekend while we are in Colorado.  We are camping right on the Big Thompson River, and rendezvousing with a couple of potential landlords Saturday afternoon .  Again, he gave me a no!  He said, we simply will not have time.  Not have time to fish?  I am about sick of that line.  His mind could not be changed.  I’ll tell you guys one thing, I am at least packing the gear.  Maybe if I get him close to trout waters he will recall his passionate love affair… 


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Stumbled upon your blog. My hubby is a deer hunter as well. We live in KY. He has been unable to hunt so far this season, but gun season starts up next weekend so LOOK OUT! He has one of those tree cameras and it captured a young buck last spring, but he seems to have disappeared. However, there are a couple does hanging around, so….
Anyway, look forward to reading your blog!


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