Just like that, we have two deer in the freezer.  Correction, we have one deer aging and one deer at the processor.  Dustin processed a small button that he shot Thursday night.  He’s letting it age in the fridge before he packages and freezes.  It is unseasonably warm here, hence the aging in the fridge.  He wanted to try to age it outside, but that just spelled disaster with these warm temps.  Last night, he did slice up some for jerky which will go in the dehydrator tonight.  Saturday morning, he took down a nice sized doe.  She went to the processor.  We just used our last burger, and only a few summer sausage sticks remain, so it was a timely harvest!  Hopefully, we’ll have our meat back before the move…

Still no buck this year, but Dustin is not deterred.  Another cold snap is forecasted to pass through our area this week.  It should make for nice Thanksgiving weekend hunting.  Hopefully, he can get a BBD and put a cap on another successful deer season. 

Focusing on the positives today is my goal.  Life’s lemons are sure making me pucker, but at least we will not starve 🙂


Written by Stephanie Mullins



OK now you may call me stupid,I am from Wales, but what is a 'button'? Oh and I'd really like to try some jerky someday, are there any reliable exporters?

Stephanie & Dustin

John – A button, is a buck that doesn't have antlers yet, just little nubs, like bumps, on his head. We don't typically harvest these, but Dustin shot him at first light, and couldn't really see the nubs. Stinks he shot a young buck, but he'll taste good. It is a crime against humanity that you've never had venison jerky! Somehow gotta correct that travesty!

Jerky is tasty. I had some for a snack today.

I'm with you BJK, I like the doe…they taste better 🙂


Hi Stephanie,
I'm all for trying something new, tis not the same outlook by most folk on this side of the pond to hunting and the rewards it brings.


Congrats on the deer. Any animal is something to be grateful for. Looks like you guys are double greateful!

Good luck going after that buck.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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