*DISCLAIMER: This first segment has nothing to do with the outdoors in any way, except if you consider my education path outdoors related (Fisheries and Aquatic Biology).*  Good stuff does follow the general grumbling. 

image Saturday morning, I log into my CSU webpage, and see that financial aid has reviewed my app and issued my approximate cost of attendance.  It was a few dollars shy of 19K.  O.M.G.  I knew at that moment, as positive as I may be, that no more good news would come.  In fact, even worse news came today; the fed government is going to loan me $5200, $3200 of that unsubsidized.  While that funding will help and I am surely grateful, it sure leaves a lot to pay.  My grumble stands thus, why do they make it so hard for an average person to attend college?  A completed degree is necessary to obtain a job in today’s market, believe me I know.  I’ve sat in countless interviews and answered the college question with some college, and the interview goes south from there.  In fact, more than one person has told me, “Well you didn’t complete college, so that shows us you cannot follow through on a project.”  Awesome!  So back to my grumble, why is it so damn hard for me, an average American woman to get a degree?  GRR.  Here’s the deal,   I worked most of last year, so I qualified for zero grants.  I applied for countless scholarships on the various scholarship sites, and received zilch.  Perhaps my essays are horrible, perhaps I’m not lucky, perhaps I don’t show enough “financial need”…who knows.  This year, I have not worked, but drew unemployment.  Next year my FAFSA is shaping up to again receive zero grants because of my income.  So far, I have been lucky enough to be on academic scholarship, but the academic scholarships at CSU are only offered after a completed CSU semester.  I have high hopes, that come fall, I’ll have scholarships along with loans that will pay for my education.  However, this semester the financial burden is a bear.  Since I don’t have income, I am not sure how the private loan process will go.  I am going to apply my heart out, and see what happens.   Generally, I am stressed to the hilt at the moment.  In fact, I’ve had a excruciating headache since Saturday before last.  I hold my stress inside, so maybe I just need to throw a plate or something 🙂 

Now for the good stuff – Whitetails

IMG_2551 The lil guy we call “Moose”. He has some moose like structure happening on his right side

IMG_2532 Dreary afternoon

Coming home for only for sleep and a shower, Dustin spent the rest of the weekend in the woods.  Grunts and buck stench filled the air…ah the rut was in full swing.  He hunted from sunrise to late morning and then from about 12:30 to dark both Saturday and Sunday.  With our first really cold snap, the deer were up and moving, at least in the morning.  Deer movement was next to nothing during the afternoon/evening hours, at least from Dustin’s vantage point.   

IMG_2572 Come out where ever you are…

IMG_2578Buck on the moveIMG_2579

IMG_2587  Lonely hen

IMG_2593She’s so tired she bedded down right on the trail. 

IMG_2527Showered, fed and can’t make it to the bed…

Apprehensive to pull the trigger early in the morning, Dustin came away with nothing.  It is difficult to tag the first thing he sees since he knows the big boys are moving, acting stupid and have all focus on that tantalizing estrus scent.  If anything, waiting for the next best thing, is his biggest flaw.  Sometimes if something crosses his path, and it is worth shooting, he has to let the arrow fly.  In this case, we really need a doe, and any doe would work.  We just used the last bit of burger for chili…freezer is empty.  He still has time, but the man needs to quick being so picky.

Stressed & possessing an empty freezer,


Written by Stephanie Mullins


Passinthru Outdoors

great post and great pics. My son is in his sophomore year at college and I too struggle to make ends meet and to figure out how to pay the 40K a year. Scholarships help and even the unsubsidized loan, but come on. It is AMAZING how hard it is to get money for college as an average Joe or Josephine. You are not alone so hang in there and I'm sure good things will happen.

Stay positive,

Thanks for sharing.

Passinthru Outdoors Blog – Sharing the Passion


Stay positive for sure! I never attended college, and I have attempted to send my oldest daughter (she dropped out – how's that for a waste?) so I kind of know your frustrations with all the apps and stuff. Now my second daughter will be starting the process. Fun, fun.

Take it easy –


Stephanie & Dustin

Thanks for all the support guys! Sometimes it just bogs me down. Passinthru & Casey, you guys hang in there as well. Supporting college kids is no easy task.I just keep repeating to myself that I am doing the right thing, and it will all pay off in the end. Indeed, Go Rams!


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