We’re a little low on jingle this year; our wishing, I suspect, will go up exponentially.  All available funds are getting us from Missouri to Colorado.  An empty tree skirt will have to be the trade for becoming Colorado residents.  I’ll take that trade!  So, in the next few weeks to come my posts might be littered with longings for gifts that won’t make it under the tree.  I apologize now for indulging in this mission of fruitless wishing.


First and foremost, I need some new waders.  My pair has a case of leaks, as have every pair I have bought from Bass Pro.  Dustin needs a new pair for the same reason, but since I write this blog I am going to write about the waders I want.  These are the Redington Chena Waders.  I have it on good authority, Greg @ Anglers Tonic, that these are a sound buy.  They are most certainly affordable, and heck they are even a little stylish.  Colorado Rivers are cold, and that means my leakers are going to be letting in much colder water than they do now at Bennett Springs, Eleven Point, etc. BURR!  These waders must find a way to make it down the chimney.  

You might say we are obsessed with water filtration.  We own the MSR HyperFlow and the MSR MiniWorks.  After our HyperFlow gave us problems in the backcountry, we went with something we knew to be reliable, the MiniWorks.  While the MiniWorks might be reliable, it is darn slow.  I chose to take the HyperFlow on my trip to RMNP.  After 7 days of filtering, my shoulders and back were buff.  All the while, I was filtering water for both of us, Chris had an amazing little pump in his tent, a Katadyn Vario.  On the last day he whips this bad boy out and filters me a liter of water in under 30 seconds, no exertion required.  At that moment, I knew I did not want to enter the backcountry again without it.  It’s only 80 bucks, Santa…

I blame this next gift on Troutrageous.  Michael went to a fly tying convention and then blogged about this super-awesome bobbin.  I showed it to Dustin and it is now a must-have.  He’s going to tie tomorrow night, unfortunately he’ll have to make due with his bobbin, much to his chagrin.  You see, this bobbin is automatic, and the website says it is the last bobbin you will ever need.  I agree we need this; whatever will make Dustin tie more, I am all about.  He’s starting to get the itch to fish, and tie again…thank heavens!  So, if you are listening elves, please put this in his stocking… 

No list is complete without a big ticket item.  This item I have wanted for months.  It is also an item that I will probably never own unless I nail down a job at an outdoors store, which is a huge order of business upon arrival to Fort Collins.  The Arcteryx SV comes with a price tag of $599.00.  EGADS!  However, as the case with all Arcteryx products, it is the best there is.  My fear of getting wet and dying of hypothermia…squashed with this jacket.  Sorry Columbia Omni Tech, you suck.  You don’t keep me dry, and you don’t block the wind.  Please retire yourself, and hire your replacement, the Arcteryx SV; please note I would be as equally happy with the LT style should the SV not be available.   

There are so many more items I could put on this list, but now I have worked myself into a wishing frenzy.  For now, I need to accept my lot and get busy on my homework. 

What are some items on your lists?


Written by Stephanie Mullins



I like those waders! I don't "need" a new pair, but those Redington's make me want to come up with some excuse!

That's a sharp looking jacket! For $600 I hope it comes with a built-in coffee maker and GPS. I would ask "does it come in a men's style", but I know better than to even add that to my list for this year. 🙂

Hope you get what's on your list, Stephanie!


Stephanie – The bobbin is awesome (thanks for the blog mention btw), it even makes my lame a## ties look tight!

I'm sure Santa will treat the two of you well.


Good luck with your list!
All I want is a 10ft nymph stick and an underwater video camera…
I'd take the bobbin as a gift and cherish it but would never buy one.
Your right the water is cold and the waders must not leak or you may me driftwood.

Stephanie and Dustin

BJK-Of course it comes in men's! What the heck, add it to your list!

Michael – I had to give you credit for bringing this ridiculous, but awesome, bobbin to our attention

Biggerr – Underwater video camera…hmmm one of those sure would be nice too! That's definitely a good item for the wish list.


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