IMG_2701Venus celebrates my end of the semester with a delicious free-range beef hide bone.  Yum!

So yeah I am done, until January anyway.  As of thirty minutes ago, another semester is in the books.  It is amazing what a huge relief it is.  Big projects due, speeches to give, finals for which to study, and house hunting are all things that have made my life a mess the last couple of weeks.  Now, all but the house hunting are off the plate.  However, house hunting seems to be the most important of these, because as of right now, Dustin and I do not have a place to live!  Well, that is not true, I am sitting in our house now, but where I will live three weeks from now is a source of concern.  At this moment, we are considering another whirlwind CO trip for the second weekend in a row.  Yesterday we were contacted about a house in Poudre Canyon; it looks lovely and is steps away from the river.  Naturally, this is music to Dustin and I’s ears.  We have not heard back from the landlord yet, but I think I am going to give her a call in a few hours.  We really like the house, and she said she is perfectly okay with our pups.  YAY!  If this seems like a go, we’ll have to go back out and take a look at the place.  I hate to rent sight unseen.  For some reason I don’t hear back from her, we will have to go with our last resort place.  It is in town and has steps…Venus does not want to deal with stairs, and we don’t want to have to carry her anymore!  She may be skinny, but she is heavy!

Last weekend we thought was quite a productive weekend.  Leaving CO we thought we had 5 options for homes to rent, but none of them ending up coming to fruition.  To say this process is frustrating is a gross understatement.  Some good things did come of the weekend; Dustin passed his CO Electrical Licensing Exam!  A huge relief for him, but I knew he would ace it.  While he tested, I drove up Big Thompson Canyon and was again treated to a close encounter with a few Big Horn Sheep.  One little guy came right up to my passenger door.  He sniffed right in the window, but there were watchful eyes behind him.  When a big brute of a sheep looked up and caught my eye, I thought it was time to move on.  I didn’t want him to ram my car!  HA!  Smiling at my good fortune, I drove into Estes Park and saw some Elk in the deserted little town.  The most happening place in town, a small coffee shop, is where I found more good fortune.  Among the menu items, a Nutella Latte.  Of course I ordered it and enjoyed every last drop of its decadence.  As I was sipping this wonderful caffeine concoction the sky opened up and snow fell.  My first snow of the season, and it was a magical moment.  I have a feeling so many magical moments will come courtesy of the incredible Colorado landscape.  Dustin missed out on all this, but sometimes moments are made for solo enjoyment. 


Not the best picture quality – taken with my camera phone


Now that the status update is out of the way, I want to post this story and get some other hunters’ opinions on it.  Thanks to the Outdoor Pressroom I found an interesting read to accompany my morning coffee.  A record breaking bear is the cause for all the hubbub about the story, actually not so much the bear, but how the bear was killed.  I’m among the ones that think this crossed the line.  Should this be the record breaking bear, an asterisk needs to follow the hunter’s name.  Taking a bear while hibernating should be illegal, and just might be after this case.  Make no mistake, I give the man “you have got some big balls” credit, but do not credit his ethical decision. You really should let sleeping bears lie, for more reasons than one. 

That’s all I have for today.  I really need to get caught up on some blog reading.  I did not get to amuse myself nearly as much as I would have liked this week.


Written by Stephanie Mullins


Stephanie and Dustin

Thanks Cofisher.

Bigger, just showed Dustin Midge Man's blog last week. He is in utter awe. He loves it. He's reading to get to the new place, unpack and try his hand at some of Midge's patterns.


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