IMG_1672 The last time I fished, still green and warm….and I was skunked

…That I get to fish this weekend?!  Dustin mentioned heading to Bennett a time or two this week, but I have tried not to act overly excited.  You see, he changes his mind as the wind blows, so it is rather pointless to get hopes too high.  Asking me to check the weather this morning, a little hope was renewed (at least he was still interested).  However, it is not like there is much of a good forecast to be had in December.  Saturday looks to be mostly cloudy with a high of 42.  Mostly cloudy kind of stinks, but there are much worse conditions elsewhere and boys are still fishing!  Once he knew the weather he seemed less keen to make the trip, but I said that I really wanted to go, and this would be our last opportunity to go to Bennett! *whine*  Throwing me a condescending look, he said, “Do you know how cold your hands will be?”  Menh, that is why they make fly fishing gloves, right?  While this might sound like he doesn’t want to go, I see a window of opportunity here.  Dustin likes to get anything new, even if it is just gloves.  All along he has said he has a pair, but this morning he said he couldn’t find them.  He just wants a new pair of gloves, and he knows he’ll get them if we go to get me a pair.  I’ll go ahead and allow this purchase if it gets me in the damn water to fish.  I’ve been waiting long enough!  Give and take…give and take…

All of this leads me to the question, what cold-weather fishing gloves work the best for you?


Written by Stephanie Mullins



I'm not going to be any help guys. Although there is some great fishing in Colorado in the Winter (so I'm told) I don't do it. I don't like cold weather any more. I like to think I got bit by common sense awhile ago.


I use Polar Tec's ice fishing gloves. Also, have a pair of Carhart's. Both are waterproof and provide good warmth. Lots of folks I know, use Ragg Wool gloves. Depends on what you prefer. None of them are too costly. Great protection for your hands in cold weather fishing.


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