Braving the cold weather, Dustin and I headed to Bennett Springs before sunrise Saturday morning.  I could not believe I finally was on my way to wet a line.  Dustin giggled with excitement too as we drove through the chilly air with the sun peaking over the horizon.  As usual, we were treated to a beautiful sunrise.  Weather from that point deteriorated.  The clouds moved in, the temperature plummeted and the wind howled.  However, we were not deterred.  After stopping in the fly shop to get the latest fishing report, Dustin and I headed to the water.  Wowzers, it was cold, and it just got colder and windier all day long.  Keeping the cold off our minds, were the tugs on our lines.  It took me a couple of times to get back in the swing of things; I estimate I missed four or five fish before finally catching and landing one.  I told Dustin, a novice fly fisherman cannot take a 3 month hiatus.  (It was 3 months to the day that we were last at Bennett.)  Popping up out of the water every few seconds, the trout were hungry and active.  This was so surprising to me.  It shouldn’t be, but it was.  I found good luck with a Red San Juan Worm with a Gray Scud dropper (about a 10” drop).  I caught a few fish on the first fly Dustin ever tied (gray scud).  Woohoo!  Dustin also had some good luck on flies he tied, multi colored zebra midges.  For a good hour, he would got a pull every couple of casts.  We lasted in the frigid temperatures much longer than I thought, and left about 30 minutes before closing.  Not too bad for my first time fishing in sub-freezing temperatures.    As for the gloves, I hated wearing gloves.  Unfortunately, I am plagued with midget hands.  My hands are super small, and finding gloves to fit is a real pain.  Heck, finding a fly rod to fit in my hand was the longest process ever!  The gloves really hindered my reaction time and my flexibility, and didn’t keep my hands much warmer.  Perhaps more experimentation and research is needed to find the perfect glove for me.


Time is ticking away on our time in Kansas City.  After much procrastination, I finally tackled packing some boxes.Thanks to Brooke, Dustin and I have all the packing materials we need.  Wine glass were the first in the box, so if we happen to get an urge for some nectar from the vine, we’ll just have to forego the fancy and drink it out of some highballs.  Other barware also made it into the first couple of boxes; it is stuff we just never use.  How things change in just a few short years.  Four years ago, barware would have been the last items to get boxed.  Ha.

Reaction from the dogs has been mixed.  Venus, I would describe her reaction as nonplussed.  She’s not quite sure how to react and just kind of raises one eyebrow when I start wrapping and boxing.  Dallas is nervous.  Whenever the bubble wrap and tape comes out he starts to pace.  Bailey, as ever, is curious.  She wants to know what I am doing every minute, and she inspects each item I place in the box, my own little helper.  Our dogs, they sure offer endless entertainment.

Another busy few days lies ahead.  Tonight, nothing productive will get done, KU ball is on the TV.  Thursday I have my last day of class, and then head to Fort Collins.  Bright and early Friday morning, I will be at CSU for orientation, which is an all day affair.  Dustin flies in Friday night for his licensing exam Saturday morning.  After he tests it will be another long afternoon of meeting with potential landlords.  Hopefully, we will head back to KC on Sunday with a new place to live!


Written by Stephanie Mullins



sounds like great practice for Colorado,, if you dont fish in the cold here then you dont fish at all..

Good luck witht the move school and fish!


Bennett Springs is a great place to go when you get a chance (I think I would burn out on it if it was the only place I could go, though) That water is a constant temp, so the fish don't mind at all if its snowing / sleeting / …

Good luck with your house search


Nothing productive should get done while KU is on the tube. Rock Chalk!

Seriously, very nice post. Seems things are coming together – fishing, packing…well maybe not the dogs. 2 outta 3 aint bad.

Stephanie and Dustin

Wolfy – Bennett is the only thing relatively close to us at the moment. We have been to the Eleven Point a time or two, but at nearly 6 hours away it is definitely not a day trip. Whereas Bennett, its only 2.5 hours and it does get repetitive. That'll will soon change, however! 🙂

Michael – KU is big business at our house. Literally, all things cease to exist for 2 hours. We'll miss going to games at the Fieldhouse for sure. Thank Goodness for ESPN3!

Dave – I am jealous of you guys all summer…its nice to be on the side of the fence.

Thanks for all the nice compliments on the writing. I am happy to report neither of us caught a cold and Dustin labeled me hardcore as a result of this trip. I'm anxious to do some cold weather fishing in CO in just a few weeks!


A KU fan, huh? I guess that's okay. I won't hold it against you.
Just thought I'd mention the Fly Girl rods made by Wright & McGill. If you've never seen one, they are very nice and made especially for the ladies with smaller hands. My girlfriend, Kelly, doesn't have the same issue or I probably would have gotten her one. The Fly Girl grips are very small actually… so much so that the average male would be uncomfortable casting it for long.

Stephanie and Dustin

Jay – I had not hear of the "Fly Girl" rods. As long as they are not pink, I might have to look into them. Nearly all stock grips I can't close my hands around and the rod goes flying 🙂


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