Aching is the best word to describe the state of my tummy this week.  I’m still paying for my Christmas and subsequent few days of over indulgence of Christmas treats.  Heaven have mercy, it sure was a delicious indulgence.  Our Christmas was fantastic, filled with laughter, love, gifts and food, food, food.

Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park For a bit of honesty, I must say I want the move to be behind us so we can spend some time outdoors.  This is an outdoors blog, after all.  Both of us are experiencing a little cabin fever, and we plan to remedy it when Dustin comes to Fort Collins to stay (he has to come back to KC for a week to finish a work project).  Estes Park has a Winter Trails event on January 15th.  Of course Dustin and I are totally new to winter sports, so we think it might be worth our time to check out this event.  Has anyone ever been to this?  If so, comment and tell us about it.

Now that I threw the Winter Event out there, I will get back to Christmas.  Dustin was pretty pumped Christmas day; he received fly tying materials from one set of my parents and an Ekich automatic bobbin from the other set.  So excited was he, the vice came out Christmas evening and he tied a few nymphs.  I’ve been sure not to pack away the fly tying materials; this is purely for selfish reasons.  I want him to keep tying up until the last minute.  The more he ties the more excited he is to fish. 


This holiday we have a few new additions to the family.  My brother Jason and I do not have children, but we do have fur kids.  Jason and his wife, Chelsea, added a new kid to their family, Suki, and my parents added Bo.  My cousin Shana also has a new addition, Suzy.  Suzy stayed with us Christmas evening and her and Dallas had a ball.  Hilarity ensued while watching a 90lb dog play with an 18lb dog.  Venus even got in on the action by playing a little tug of war with Suze.  I wish Shana could have stayed longer, but am thankful she was able to make the trip.  Everyone also enjoyed a nice visit with my Grandma.  She has good and bad days, and everyone was able to catch her on a good day.

IMG_2719Venus opening her gifts 

IMG_2728My new brother – Bo

IMG_2740My new niece – Suki


More presents for the dogs – Can you tell we are a dog family?


Reported on the news this morning was that this holiday season might be the biggest spending one on record.  While that is good news that the economy is recovering, it is also disconcerting.  It is my hope that this economic downturn might curb the overindulgence and ridiculous consumption habits of us Americans.  If this shopping season is any indicator, my hopes may be crushed.  We really can live with less stuff, I promise!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and wish you only the best for the new year.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Nice photo of Dustin tying flies…it's a great hobby and creative outlet. Don't worry Stephanie, you'll find plenty to do to fill up your days in Colorado. There's always stuff going on.


Looks like a happy family, cool to see Dustin tying for sure.
Dustin- Keep pumping out the tiny stuff.
On the event… Cant say I have ever been but I will tell you to watch for events like these, crowds could gather there leaving the river vacant.


Cabin fever is rampant here too! It's time to ditch the goodies and get outside. It will be good for the mind, body, and soul!

I love all the furry kid pics and that Bo is got me yearning for another dog.


I completely agree about having too much stuff. My wife and I are looking down the road at downsizing simply because we can and need to. By the way, love all the dogs! I'd also like to try fly fishing. I tried it once and got flustered. Maybe again this spring:


Stephanie and Dustin

Blake – Its a long recovery. Too bad I don't think about that as I am shoving goodies down the hatch.

Cofisher – You are so right about tying being a creative outlet. Dustin's wheels are always spinning, and this is such a great hobby for him…and it benefits me 🙂

RiverDamsel – Overindulgence is very easy! New outdoor gear is always tempting us.

Kari – Bo knows how cute he is; he's such a little devil. He's going to be a great dog. Cabin fever will end soon…only one more week in Kansas City. WHOOP!

Bill – Dustin and I are downsizing, because we have to and want to. Life is about experiences not things. It took us a bit to get that, but now it is our mantra!

Troutdawg – Our dogs did clean up; they are so spoiled, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Michael – He had a little trouble with it retracting at first so he called and Faruk talked to him for nearly 30 minutes. Its working properly now (bad spool of thread) and he loves it. Is it necessary? No, but is it awesome? Yes! -stephanie


Stephanie and Dustin,

I know that you guys just got me added to your blog roll, but there have been some changes at AZWanderings. I have updated my url and my site and they can be found at:
Thanks so much for your support and I look forward to following your guys site. Tight lines.



Looks like a great Christmas. When you get settled in, I'll email you guys – I get out to your area about 5-6x per year and always try to squeeze in a little fishing!

Happy New year



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