Dustin loves the blog Poudre Canyon Chronicles.  For those of you that have not visited it, do so now.  If you love to tie, you’ll love this blog.  MidgeMan posts his creations on a regular basis, tells where the patterns fish well, and even gives the recipes.  A fly tiers dream, right?  Since Dustin is relatively new to this fly tying business he needs all the help he can get, and he finds a lot of useful tips and great recipes on MidgeMan’s blog.

Dustin warmed up by tying a few Superman-like nymphs.  It had been awhile since he sat down at the vice so he wanted something fairly easy to tie, and a tie that proved productive in the past.  Superman style nymphs rock in MO waters, but we’ll see how these fair in CO waters.


After tying a bit of these nymphs, Dustin wanted to try his hand at a pattern he took off MidgeMan’s blog, Serendipity.  The name alone is intriguing enough to make a person want to tie and fish it, but it sounds like it produces as well as it is named. 


We haven’t mastered the art of taking pictures of flies, so pardon the crudeness of the photo.  This was his first try; he’s going to continue working on it until he can get the tightness and smooth finish reached by slightly more skilled tiers.  He enjoyed tying this pattern, and I am sure I will enjoy fishing it.  I suspect we’ll have a box full of MidgeMan inspired patterns! 

I’m still working on Dustin to write his own entries, but he’s reluctant.  He tells great stories; the tricky part is to convince him that writing the stories he tells is just as easy as speaking them. 

Also, I posted an entry in the Venus & DM page.  We started treatment yesterday.  The post is just a summation of the first step.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Nice start for the fly tying. Repetition is what works for me. Midgeman has an awesome site and that should certainly help Dustin along the way.


MM is my hero. Seriously. I made a poster of his profile pic and hang it in my bedroom. My wife thinks it's strange, but she's never seen his ties. Women…

That said, Dustin ain't too shabby a tier either. I'm liking those Supermen.

Midge Man

Thank you all for the compliments, but the truth is it's all just winding stuff on a hook and there are a hell of a lot better tiers out there than me! Dustin's bugs look good and yes those little Supermen will put a trout or two in your nets! Double wire and even spacing… Dustin is on his way!
On the other hand… this poster thing has me worried!


Those look great to me. I don't like Midge Man's flies. They look too good. I think aliens tied them. Flies that nice aren't humanly possible. Are they? 🙂

Nice post! I love the superman look…


Not trying to expand the legend of MM, but he ties great and what the guy can do on a river is almost scary!!! I met him two years ago on the Poudre after having watched him land trout like a madman all morning while my buddies and I couln't get a fish to look at our flies. I went up to him expecting some grumpy old fly fisherman to just blow me off and instead I met this really mellow guy who, after I told him I couldn't buy a fish, took the rest of the afternoon off and gave me lessons. If you fish the Poudre or Thompson you'll eventually run into the guy! He'll be the one with the funny big brimmed brown hat and a bent rod. The dude can seriously catch trout!


Dustin- Your well on your way.. You know where to look. Taking pictures is probly second in line to getting better at tying, first would be fishing them…

Not sure why you dont do a little writing- Ya know we have heard some wonderfull things about you. you should make Stephanie tie a bug and take a picture.

Good luck twisting wire,, I know your not new at that, and the best of luck on the water with the lady…

I'll be waiting for a reply..

Stephanie and Dustin

@Howard – I suspect your theory on repitition is correct. It helps me learn anyway.
@Michael – I understand the worship. The man can tie!
@MidgeMan – Dustin spends A LOT of time on your blog, so I thought it only fitting that I mention it.
@Josh – Me tying something, yeah right! Talk about a horrible looking fly. I am a fan of Dustin's work, for tying for less than a year, his flies have caught me a fair amount of fish.

To all – Dustin FINALLY wrote something online. After much trepidation he commented on Midgeman's blog yesterday. He always asks me these questions that I don't know, so I told him to just ASK! Hopefully this will open the door for more writing from him. He has such writers anxiety!



We all have some writers anxiety to some level…ha. Kudos to Dustin for learning the art of fly tying…something that I have yet to learn…but soon! All I can say about the Midgeman is "AWESOME"!!! Truly an inspiration of talent in his field.


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