Another thing we accomplished this week, one that both of us are quite excited about, is Dustin’s tying station.  Knowing that tying would be an activity he would engage in regularly, we wanted to have a permanent place just for tying.  We chose the other wall in the office as our fishing space.  His drafting table is now put to use as a tying table, and it fits the bill well.  The owner of this property disposed of a small wooden shelf that we are going to recycle, paint, install dowel rods for holding thread, and hang on the wall above the table.  That should be a fun project with useful results, at least we hope.

IMG_3305    Boxes still to unpack, but Dustin’s tying away

Since we put up the station, Dustin has tied a fair amount (also a product of being unemployed) and seems to like his new area.  Also, he’s  found a thread that works like a charm in his Ekich bobbin, UTC.  I’m not sure he’ll buy uni-thread again.

Now, if we could do something about this wind…


Written by Stephanie Mullins



That winds not all bad guys… As the Colorado days grow longer the winds will increase, with this comes warmer winds which melt show and Ice way fast.. You watch, well get a warm windy day and the river will beging to flow again.

Dustin- Im glad to see you have a place to concentrate.. living where you guys do now, your going to need a good comfortable chair to sit and build more amo

Stephanie and Dustin

My novice casting skills are really novice in the wind. I just have to keep practicing! We have some free moving water here in town that is calling our name. We wanted to hit it up this weekend, but things never work out how you want them to. We're shooting for this week. I tried to tell him about the chair, but he loves that stool.


I wasn't knocking the stool that thing looks plenty comfortable..
When we first moved I had to tie on my kids art easel… Those little yellow chairs till remind me of Hares ears..

I think you might be able to take some casting classes somewhere around there come spring time 😉 You might not need to look far to find the best. Just go down town and wisper, "mr. president, mr. president, where are you?"


Actually, that looks like a pretty comfortable place to tie. I don't see boxes and boxes of materials lying around to give it that lived in look.


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