The title of this post makes Dustin and I’s first full week in Fort Collins sound like it was full of parades, confetti and important people.  Alas, it was not, but I can say I was happy enough to celebrate when Dustin finally arrived last Friday.  The dogs have settled in nicely…

IMG_3252 IMG_3284

As I previously reported, we didn’t get to hit the river last weekend, but we did manage to find water, right in our very own living room in fact.  On the agenda for last Sunday was getting the TV hung by the time football started.  We measured, analyzed and found a spot that looked to provide optimal viewing.  Dustin started drilling.  All was well until, splish splash Dustin took a bath.  Hot water flew out of the hole like he opened a hydrant.  The water screamed across the room, nailed Venus and sent the other dogs running.  Instantly dumfounded, Dustin stood for a second and took in the sight.  After regrouping, he stuck his finger in the hole to stop the water while I sought out a towel.  Did I mention this was scalding water?  Needless to say, the finger in the hole didn’t last long and the water continued to shoot out from the wall.  Finally discovering a towel, I placed it over the hole until he turned off the water.  At this point we didn’t know if we wanted to laugh or cry. 


As you can see the pipe runs horizontal.  A 1/2” either up or down was safe drilling territory, but you see, Murphy and us are bff’s and Murph likes to visit us often.  Thinking our afternoons at Home Depot were a thing of the past, we found ourselves roaming the familiar aisles yet again.  We’re renting…we shouldn’t be here!  About $60 later, Dustin got the pipe repaired.


However, it couldn’t be that easy.  We’re blessed with this wonderful shade of orange on all the living room walls.  A shade that seems impossible to match.  Lovely.  Home Depot has tried 3 times, and I sit here staring at a spot on the wall that is just a shade off from the rest of the wall.  We’re giving it one more go around (the TV is still not hung) and if Home Depot can’t get it right, we’re just painting the entire wall.  The shade isn’t so off that it would be noticeable if the entire wall was painted, and it isn’t like the house has a killer paint job in the first place.  The paint on the walls is cheap, streaked and white spots peak through in several places.  My recommendation to Dustin, paint the bleeping wall and hang the TV already, especially because KU and Texas is tomorrow!

Tuesday Dustin interviewed in Denver.  It went well, but the company doesn’t have any projects starting until next month.  Yikes.  The other company which he was supposedly guaranteed a job didn’t turn out like promised either.  He’s still waiting to here from them.  However that situation might work out for the best because he was really impressed with the company he interviewed with on Tuesday, as they are likewise impressed with him.  They’ve emailed him twice and even mentioned that a project commences in a few weeks that he would be a good fit for foreman.  I hope that pans out, because funds are drying up quickly!

Rocky Mountain Flycasters headerRocky Mountain Fly Casters (Ft. Collins TU Chapter) also had their monthly meeting Tuesday.  Dustin and I attended and heard Joel King of Kingfisher flies speak.  What we learned that night…a Delaney Buttes trip is necessary.  Joe (OBN and Flowing Waters) told us we needed to get to North Park, and he is right.  The place looks magical, and the trout…wow.

I’ve got a few posts that I’m going to punch out in the next few days.  Dustin and I did a little scouting mission today and I have pics and comments about it…that should come in the morning.  Also, I want to write about My favorite place (better late than never).  I have a WILT post and a post I’m excited about.

Also, I will be catching up on commenting on everyone’s blogs.  After a tough week of adjusting, I’m excited to see what the blog world has been up to.  Until then I am going to enjoy my 90 Schilling and hope I don’t get a shot of hot water to the face.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Well Stephanie, consider this your obligatory welcome to Colorado crisis. You guys got it out of the way in record time and you are now home free.
Delaney Buttes and Lake John are magical fisheries where BIG fish roam. A little sparse tree wise, but great none the less.


Hey I thought I would point out… I gave your blog a little shout out today in my post…
I poached a viedo from a site in your side bar..

Stephanie and Dustin

@Howard – I hope you are right on that home free part!

@Cliff – Dustin agrees!

@Michael – Tough loss Saturday. Texas/KU games…you never know which way they will go.

@Josh – That video is crazy. Fifteen minutes, all fish gone….nuts.


Oh my! You guys and Murphy are friends!

Glad to see the dogs settling in fine and you guys will be soon settled too. A new place always takes awhile to feel like home.

Good luck to Dustin on the job hunt!


Hi there. Just popped over from heyBJK. LOVE your dogs! Love 'em. Have 5 of them here – all big and spoiled. Congrats on your move! Hope you can get settled in sooner than later. And congrats to your fish for making the transition! You sound like good people. I hope all goes 'swimmingly' for you.

My 'nephew' German Shepherd had DM. It was tough. He was almost 15 when they let him go. The last year he was unable to walk and had to be carried in and out and laid on pee pads inside. Not an easy existence, and I'm not sure I'd have done it that way, but my sis-in-law loved him and since he still kept his mind and personality, she couldn't let him go earlier. I hope your sweet Venus does much better.

I'm going to try not to follow you (as I'm trying to curb my sitting in front of the pc – like you sitting in front of cable tv) and I'm justifying it because I'm not a fisherperson or hunter. Right now I'm just grateful you didn't post a ton of dog posts in a row or I'd be hooked (there's another bad fishing pun…) Okay, now that I've completely filled up this comment section, I'll wish you all the BEST!!


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