Credit: KY State ParksTuesday and Thursdays I have Wildlife Conservation/Ecology in the afternoon.  Normally first days are filled with boring reviews of the syllabus, but each of my professors surprised me by going into a little course material.  Needless to say, I am most excited about this Wildlife and Conservation Ecology course.  Now onto what I learned in 15 minutes.

Wildlife.  The word itself seems simple enough, but it is actually a legal word and varies state to state.  One thing however is universal, we all “own” wildlife.  Wildlife management, in essence, sets a goal of balancing the needs of humans and the needs of wildlife.  It sounds like I chose the correct major, because this is exactly want I want to do. 

Wildlife management can be as simple as creating a nature preserve, even if the said preserve does not directly manipulate the wildlife or habitat.  Wildlife management is applying scientific knowledge (ie knowing which plants are native, etc) and technical skills to protect, conserve, limit or enhance populations.  Preservation is a completely “hands off” approach; it does not manipulate a species or its habitat, but is still a form wildlife management.  Good to know!

My Animal Biology laboratory was not quite as interesting and is 2 hours and 50 minutes.  However, we will get to dissect a trout and a fetal pig.  Cool.

I also have more to post about what I learned in Animal Biology yesterday (totally fascinating to me), but I’ve got to hit the books. 

Photo via KY State Parks.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Very interesting… especially the "own"ership part. Looking forward to hearing how they define "conservation."


I'm wishing I was in my 20s again so I could choose a different path for my life. I didn't become interested until much later in life. Thanks Stephanie!

Stephanie and Dustin

@Jay – How do you define conservation?

@Josh – I am looking forward to that as well. We have one girl in class whose biggest fear is fish. She's not excited about the dissection.

@Howard – I wish I was still in my 20's too, but better late than never. Sometimes I wish the world would wait for us to become adults, because a lot of the time people don't really know their passions until they have lived a bit.

@Matt – There are some super cool classes at CSU. I'm so glad that I bit the bullet and went back, even if I am the oldest person in most of my classes!


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