Sunday, we took Venus out for her first cart walk.  She seemed to do well, and didn’t really mind the cart at all.  Once she is in, she is ready to go.  For the most part, I think the fitting issues are corrected.  The folks at pet mrc received this video as well.  Venus gazed at the dog park with a longing look; perhaps that will come at a later time, once she is a little more comfortable in her cart.  Many sympathetic eyes and “aw, poor dog” came Venus’s way, but we are happy she is able to be out and about!  She did the best when I had the leash and Dustin was behind or beside us.  When he went in front to take video, she ran to him!  

A little glimpse of Venus at Spring Canyon Park


Written by Stephanie Mullins



She sure looks like she's getting alone nicely and is very happy in her cart! (You look pretty happy too, if you don't mind me saying.)

Thanks for putting the Venus and DM page up also. It sure made it easy for me to answer my own question. (Hence the deleted comment.)

Enjoy your new found freedoms!


That is so cool to see! we are big time animal lovers here and we all wathed Venus strut her stuff and loved it.
Go venus! what a trooper.

Stephanie and Dustin

Everyone's comments made me smile and I passed along well wishes to Venus. She gave me a kiss, so all is good.

We are still getting used to the cart. I am little concerned that she is crossing her front legs. Still waiting to hear back from the manufacturer. GRRR…


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