Looking for an outdoor related post?  Well, you will not find it here.  However, this post is about something we all love, indulgence. 

Courtesy: Eli’s

One fact I love, I am 30 years old and my parents still spoil me.  Last week, I went to the mailbox and in it was a short note (complete with a fishing fortune) from my Dad and Debbie and even some jingle, which will be put towards our new 3 or 4wts.  Awesome.  Then, on Friday, Venus alerts me that the UPS man was at the door (she has a special bark for UPS).  Imagine my surprise when I open the door, expecting a dog-cart, and see a box containing the most decadent cheesecake known to man, an Eli’s from Chicago.  This present was courtesy of my Mom and Dad for Valentine’s Day.  Keep in mind both of my dad’s celebrate birthdays this week, and it is them sending me goodies.  It is cool having two sets of equally awesome parents.  

Via: Fly Fishing Film Tour

Not only do my parents spoil me, but Dustin spoils me as well.  Unfortunately, Dustin’s new job has him working 58 hours a week, but he still found time to give me an extra special weekend.  Saturday evening, he took me down to North Denver for our Valentines Date Night.  Our first stop was Firenze a Tavola.  Here, indulgence comes back into play.  Our dinner was simply divine, and even that description feels less than adequate.  Everything from the bottle of wine to the drizzle on our desert was a tantalizing treat to our taste buds.  I cannot not recommend this restaurant enough for a date night.  The prices were right on par for the amount of food served.  You will not leave this restaurant hungry, or without a box to take home.  

After dinner, Dustin and I walked up the street to the Oriental Theater to take in the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  What an event!  We saw some great films, and our bucket list grew quite considerably.  Mako Sharks on a fly rod?  Sign me up!  Non-stop fly rod action was the name of the game, and the intermission even had us on the edge of our seats.  They gave away some great booty, too bad none of it fell into our hands.  We were entertained enough to decide to take in the show again when it comes to Fort Collins in March.  Let us know if anyone in the area is going to the show; we’d love to meet up.  
Sunday, we returned to the outdoors; this trip deserves a post of its own.  Look for it later this evening.  I’m also working on a WILT post too.  
Until then,

Written by Stephanie Mullins



Sounds like a great Valentine's weekend. Kelly and I went shopping for a new adventure wagon, which was not as much fun as what you guys did, but will hopefully bring a lot of fun in the days to come.


Sorry for the delayed response, but it's really Kelly's car… a Subaru Outback… which I believe is the official car of CO. Have you gotten yours yet?


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