A box from UPS on the door step is always an exciting thing, but even better when something inside is courtesy of winning!  Thanks to OBN and the folks at Flying Fisherman, I have the opportunity to review the Pago Polarized Sunglasses  from FF’s Master Angler Series.  WOOP!   I plan to do a full review after I have wore the glasses out and about, but I do have some initial thoughts.

Include with the sunglasses were all sorts of goodies.  They included a catalog of their products, and I was surprised to see the extensive offerings they have available.  Also included was a neoprene glass keeper.  This sweetened the deal for me, since I am always taking of my glasses for one reason or another, and of course forgetting which pocket or rock on which I place them.  

As for the glasses, I am initially pretty impressed.  I have a pair of Smith optics now and Dustin has glass-lensed Oakleys.  I  will compare these Pago’s vs. both our sunglasses.  That gives me a baseline measurement from which to work.

I chose the tortoise frame with amber lenses.  These glasses actually look quite fashionable, without being over feminine.  My days for big fancy designer sunglasses have waned, I want performance.  Another feature I like is the wrap around design.  I hope that this will keep from sun sneaking in the sides, a major complaint about my Smiths.  Construction wise, they look to be pretty durable.  In fact, their lenses are Rhino tough, well at least that is the name of the lens.  I am pretty rough on my sunglasses, so I am interested to see how these hold up.    

Sharpness is one feature Flying Fisherman touts, and my first impression is they have reason to tout it.  I just wore them briefly while I took Venus for a walk, but it gave me high hopes for stream performance.  After all, water will be the true test!

Sorry for the lack of photos, Dustin ran off with the camera today.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



I'm looking for a new pair, so I'm also looking forward to the review. I hope Dustin went somewhere where you can post a few photos when he returns.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Dean – Thanks for stopping by; yes, the neck strap is a biggie for me. Review shortly!

@Howard – Dustin takes the camera every day to work. On his drive from Cheyenne, he sees antelope quite frequently. He hopes to get a shot of them one day.

@Josh – Looking for fish this coming Sunday…it can't come soon enough!

@Chaplain – Thanks for commenting! Cool deal on the Safe, congrats!


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