Not even the effervescence of Alka Seltzer could help me feel better this week.  Colorado finally decided to give me a proper welcome, Influenza A.  My socks were officially rocked, and at the clinic I was treated as if I had the plague.  After a bit of rest and relaxation, I am feeling mildly better, except where Physics is concerned.  Missing two classes is sure not to bode well.  We shall see.

Feeling pretty pathetic does not lend its hand to doing much activity, but we did go out for a little sight seeing on Friday.  On the way up to Poudre Canyon,standard_header Dustin quickly whipped the car around.  I asked him what the hell he was doing.  He said, “I am going to check out this dog”.  Annoyed, I quipped “Why?  Just keep driving!”  My annoyance quickly subsided when I saw a girl walking a German Shepherd in a cart.   We stopped and talked to her, and she gave us some great information.  Now, Venus is going to have a cart of her very own.  The young woman said the cart changed her dog’s life.  I have big plans for Venus and her new legs too.


Feeling a new sense of hope for my baby dog, I was all smiles heading into the canyon.  From the looks of the ice, the Poudre might have had some really nice open water last week.  Oh well, hind sight is always 20/20, right?  As is normally the case, Dustin and I didn’t think too much before beginning our journey, and noticed we were low on gas about 35 miles before Cameron Pass.  Deciding it prudent to turn around, we headed out the canyon just as the sun was peaking through dense could clover.  It made for killer views on the ride back to town.  We’re SO excited to fish the Poudre.


Dustin’s spent another week busy at the vice.  He needs to post his new creations, but we’re still working on the writing anxiety thing…Other good news, Dustin starts a job on Tuesday.  Less time to tie, but more jingle to help buy! 

Super Bowl tonight, who does everyone have?  My pick is the Steelers, but I’m rooting for Green Bay.  Who doesn’t love an underdog?


Written by Stephanie Mullins



I'm posting before the game is over and I say, Go Packers! That cart is very cool and I hope that Venus adjusts well when she gets her new wheels.
The Poudre is beautiful and perhaps Pam and I will get up there to fish with you this summer.
To Dustin: You've got fans here waiting to hear about your fly tying…get with it man and congrats on the job!


Can't wait hear more about your furry friend on wheels. I think they'll need to be good for off-road use so she can accompany you guys on some of your outdoor adventures.


Nice day out and great to hear about your dog with wheels now. If you need any rec's or ideas let me know, I have a Pet Care Biz and see some pretty innovative things these days to help out our 4-legged friends!


I have a friend who had a dog with wheels. She had very bad hip problems, so they got here a cart, and it truly did change her life. She was so happy walking around with her new-found mobility! Hope you feel better and congratulations to Dustin on his new job!



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