Becoming residents of a new state is a completely new phenomena to Dustin and I myself.  Things are a bit different in the West than they are in the Midwest, and Colorado certainly has its share of nuances, as does Missouri.  Fort Collins is no different.  This town definitely has a personality all its own, and many rites of passage, Horsetooth Mountain being one of those.

Horsetooth towers over Fort Collins; Dustin and I are lucky enough to have almost a straight shot view from the house.  During our first weekend here, I mentioned to Dustin that I wanted to climb the mountain and stand in the grooves.  After talking with our neighbor, we discovered climbing Horsetooth was a must do for all Fort Collins residents.

Our rite of passage came Sunday, after my idea to go fishing was seriously rebuffed.  Sun filled the skies, temperatures were brilliantly mild for the 13th of February, and a promise of spring lingered on the breeze.  Doing something outdoors was, of course, at the top of my agenda.  Dustin tolerated a little pouting and whining from me, and right when I started to get really annoying he suggested Horsetooth.  Knowing that climbing Horsetooth was something I was dying to do, Dustin was quite clever to suggest it.  Forgiveness for denying my fishing request came when we hit the trailhead.

IMG_3463 IMG_3495

Car after car lined the parking lot; dogs, owners, kiddos and every age under the sun were out enjoying the mild mountain air.  Slushy, muddy conditions made the hike a little more difficult that it would normally be; I can definitely say that it slowed down our pace a little.  The climb was exhilarating with each bend giving us an excuse to say, WOW!  Do we actually live here was a question that formed on our lips multiple times.  How fortunate we are to have this playground 15 minutes from the house? 

IMG_3493 IMG_3474

During the climb, we met another couple hiking up the mountain for the first time.  She was from Texas and he from Baltimore.  From the context of their conversation, it sounded like a first or second date.  Talk about a great first date activity!  We also saw some climbers, a young girl with a freshly scraped palm and a young pup taking in the mountain for the first time.  As is always the case, getting to the top was worth every slip, slide and blister. 


Wind whipped all around us as we stood mouths agape looking at Pikes Peak to the South, Longs Peak to the West, Wyoming to the North and the Great Plains to our East.  Incredible.  We didn’t stay at the top as long as we would have liked, Dustin was cold and was ready to get out of the wind (bad prep on our part; we stripped down before the hike).  It just gives us more of a reason to go back.

IMG_3483 IMG_3487 IMG_3490

Climbing down was just as challenging as hiking upwards.  The slush was super slippery; several areas gave Dustin a chance to brush up on the skiing skills.  My boots wouldn’t let me join in on the fun of sliding down the trail.  This is probably a good thing, but at the moment I felt like I was missing out.  Getting back to the car was a bit of a let down; we’re so ready for the sun on our face and nights in our tent.

Check another thing off the bucket list…


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Another great way to say hello to beautiful Colorado! Do they still have quality fishing at Horsetooth Reservoir?


Great photos and you made my heart happy to hear the excitement in your post about this 1st. When Spring and Summer come, you guys are going to be truly amazed as you visit other parts of the state.

Midge Man

Glad to hear you're feeling better and cofisher is absolutlely right! Once the high country opens up your going to find a whole new world up there…

Stephanie and Dustin

@Shannon – Thanks; the landscape makes for some easy shots.

@Mel – We hear the fishing is still good in Horsetooth, and we plan to find out for ourselves this spring.

@Howard – The options are endless. We could be busy for years taking vacations and never leaving the state.

@MM – I briefly got to see some of the treats the high country holds in store for us this summer. We're giddy with excitement; so much so we have a map on the wall with places marked we want to visit.

@Josh – You are so right!

@Blake – I had no complaints. It was nice being out and enjoying the awesome weather.



How breathtakingly beautiful!

You guys are so lucky that it's right close to your house like that. You'll be able to go exploring in every season and to me, that's always one of the cool parts about getting to know a place intimately- seeing how each season brings about new and intriguing things.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! (as I know you will!)


Wow is right, Stephanie! Gorgeous country! Color me jealous and happy for you guys at the same time. Thanks for posting the photos!


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