Even though Venus’s legs won’t let her accompany us on fishing trips, she likes to tag along just the same.  As with her hitchhiking hairs on our backpacking gear, her hair has made its way into the fly box.  In rapid creative fashion, Dustin tied up a little gem composed of Venus undercoat. 

Her down like hair proved productive;  Dustin caught a little rainbow (he got off before landing) and a beautiful brown later in the afternoon (my bad on the photo; I was too wrapped up in being frustrated to go and take a pic for Dus).  After initial success, he plans to tie a few more to put in the box.  My baby dog, she comes through in so many ways.  



Written by Stephanie Mullins



I love that you guys incorporate Venus's hairy gifts into flies! It's both resourceful and meaningful, as well as productive! Nicely done!

(That photo of her is terrific too!)


I've got a fly tying kit sitting in the box still. I'm not sure if my patience level will be conducive to good flies:) What a great idea to use Venus' hair! Way to think outside the box!



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