OBN posts all kinds of fun writing and photo prompts, and I never get around to taking advantage of them!  I am slow on the uptake.  School really puts a damper on this blogging thing.  I’m tired of missing out on the fun that the prompts bring, so this week I am going to be timely and post about my Favorite Outdoor Gear.

Like Emily, the River Damsel, our equipment is kind of a package deal.  We chose gear for each of our hobbies, hiking, hunting and fishing, with special care and research (minus the water filter, we are trying #3 now; and the rain gear).  To pick out one thing as a favorite just doesn’t seem fair to all our wonderful gear. 

Instead, I would like to mention one thing that is impossible for  us to leave behind.  It’s presence warms the heart and makes us smile when we are in the remotest of areas, when we fail to bring a fish to shore, and on those days that not even a single doe walks by.  This one item my friends is…


Dog hair.  Dustin and I have yet to travel to one place where we have eluded the strands.  The hairs come in all colors, white, brown, black, silver… A simple hair, considered by most a pesky thing, can bring a giggle out of me in the morning when I find one dangling from my merino, or pleasant thoughts for my sleep as I find one tucked away on my sleeping bag. 

This time of year, we have more than enough hair that will hitchhike with us.  Not even the furminator is keeping the shedding at bay (see pic above).  Of course, most of the hair is from Venus, but the other two like to donate to the cause as well.

Sure, the dog hair stinks to sweep all the time, but it sure provides comfort when our dogs cannot be with us.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Very creative thinking…love it! And I am finally free of Labs…so, no more hair for me! Yep, you're right…it will always follow you. Glad you're smiling!! 🙂


Ha! Stephanie you took me by surprise! I love you're thinking outside the box post. Yep, and something many of us can relate to. Dog hair…don't leave home without it.


Question? Have you ever used the dogs hair to tie a trout fly? Just wondering if that would work. Not something the boys have done, but am curious if it would work….later


I wear my fair share of dog hair around too, so I can easily identify. Dustin needs to put some of that stuff to use, and tie up some doggy dubbing nymphs or some canine Clousers.


In our house we have learned to better coordinate the color of our future pets.

If I wear white, the black dog hair is there. If I wear black, the white cat hair is there. It is a lose/lose.

I keep a lint roller in my top drawer at work.


Dar, I can't speak from experience, but I've read several articles and seen pictures of some beautiful dog-flies.

Stephanie and Dustin

Dar – Dustin hasn't started using the dog hair yet, but Jay puts his dog's hair to good use. He posted Montana's creation here recently.

Dustin found some fox fur on our ornamental pine out front; he's more excited to us it than the unlimited supply we have here in the house!


That was great! lol! I wasn't expecting that at all either. What a great way to use the OBN prompt!

Dogs. Gotta love 'em… and their hair! lol!


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