Coming home to a box on the door step is always such a treat, especially when the treat inside is a FREE treat.  A few weeks ago such a package appeared on my doorstep.  Previously, I detailed my initial thoughts on the Pagos that arrived in this special shipment.  Also, I noted I would compare and contrast these glasses to two higher-end offerings from Smith Optics and Oakley. 


Armed with my new shaded specs, I took to the water.  I found myself once again impressed with the construction of the glasses.  Not only are the Pagos stylish, but they also are pretty darn sturdy.  I don’t feel like I need to be super delicate with these; they are definitely made for heavy-duty wear.  Naturally, I have already let the Pagos slip a time or two.  Only one blemish appeared after this abuse, and it is a scratch right below the logo.  After crashing lens first on rocks and gravel, the lenses are scratch free.  Perhaps this is due to the polycarbonate Rhino Lens, which Flying Fisherman claims is nearly indestructible and 35 times stronger than glass.  A big claim, but mine have already suffered a bit of mishandling, and the lenses look as good as they did the day I pulled them out of the box.  My Smith Optic lenses scratch if touched by an eyelash.  I’ve been very delicate with my Smith’s glasses, but the condition suggests otherwise.  Dustin’s Oakley lenses are glass, needless to say his glasses are treated with the upmost care.  We replaced the lenses earlier this year, and already a few scratches appear.    

As far as fit, the Pagos wrap around my head perfectly.  I don’t have light sneaking in the corners, above the lens or below the lens as I do with my Smith Optics.  To say it simply, they provide optimal coverage.  After a few hours wear, they bother me behind my ears, but I think that happens with all sunglasses.

Now, for the important part, the AcuTint Polarized Sunlens.  My lens color choice was amber .  The Pago (or all the Polycarbonate Rhino Lenses) come in amber, smoke or vermillion.  I chose amber because it offers the most versatility, and is ideal for shallow water.  The amber tint took me a bit to get used to, but the sharpness through these glasses more than makes up for the amber hue of the surroundings.  My Smith Optics are more of the smoke color, and I like this a bit better because colors stay true.  However, my Smith Optics do not provide the sharpness the Pagos do.  As far as the polarization, I’ll put it this way, I missed a fish because I saw it come out from under a rock to gulp my dry.  I pulled too quick, and the fish never got a chance to eat.  However, I was not totally disappointed.  It was pretty spectacular to see the fish move under the water like that, and especially at the distance.  This is something I would have never been able to see with my Smith Optics.

I’ve used the glasses during completely cloud covered days, on days when not a cloud was in the sky, and on the in-between days.  In every condition, the glasses kept the water glare free.

Venus’s review – Two paws up!  IMG_3935

To compare the Pagos to our two current pair of glasses, I can say with certainty that for a day out fishing, I would pick up the $60.00 pair of Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses before I would pick up my $150.00 Smith Optics.  The Pagos fit better, do not slip and slide, offer complete sun blockage (no light seepage), the sharpness is off the charts, they  will take some abuse, and the polarization is every bit as good, if I dare say better, than Dustin’s $250.00 Oakleys.

The short of it:  A lot of choices exist for polarized angling sunglasses, but for the price I don’t think you can go wrong with Flying Fisherman’s Pago.  All the performance of those higher end brands, but with a price tag that won’t break the bank.    

Disclaimer: Courtesy of the Outdoor Blogger Network and Flying Fisherman, I received, at no cost to me, a pair of Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses to try and review.  However, this review contains no bias.  I gave my 100% honest opinion, because, well ,that is only fair to my readers. 


Written by Stephanie Mullins



I can't tell who likes the glasses more, you or Venus? Thanks for the review, I'm looking for some new glasses to replace my Costa Del Mar's, I'll have to check out some Pago's. Thanks

Swamp Thing

Dude, I will totally have to check those out! Our little boy busted up my polarized Ray Bans last summer, and since then I have been wearing some random polarized shades from Gander Mountain (you stay classy, Swampy!). I would love to check these out, since I am constantly afield in "weird" lighting conditions, i.e. dawn on sunny days, noon on cloudy days.

PS I felt the same way about the spinning reel I got to review (review to be posted next week) – it showed up about 3 hours before I left on a fishing trip for the weekend! SCORE!


This is a great review that almost has me ditching my 5-dollar Strike King polarized glasses that I buy by the bucket. 60-bucks for that level of quality is a steal. You even make them look stylish. For the record I like Oakley shades but they cost the same as one of my reelrod combos. Once again…great review.


I'm digging those new pair of shades! Nice, it's about time for me to update my collection seeing how mine are becoming a bit outdated~


One heck of a review! sounds like your set for optics for a bit, hang on to those other pairs with the different color lenses, you may find streams with different colored stream beds.. if the bottom is amber you may need smoke…
Again, great write up!
Dustin: Good choice on the glass lenses, growing up with a photographer in the family, You cant polarize plastic permantly.. there is some food for thought huh?


Very informative review, and, I like how you compared other brands to your Pago's. Sounds like a great pair for the price for sure. Will keep them in mind when I need a new pair.

Fontinalis Rising

You make a strong case for the Pagos. I have a cheaper pair of Flying Fisherman glasses- I've bought their glasses for years because of the price point coupled with my continuous abuse/losing of glasses. I'll definitely check out the Pagos on your suggestion.



Hello Stephanie,

I have a pair of Habervision, which I love. I really like those Pagos also. Great review! There is really no need to spend hundreds of dollars for sunglasses that all pretty much accomplish the same thing. I mean of course, clarity, frame eye protection and comfort are the main things to compare. Thanks!


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