Perched on top of the water, a florescent indicator slowly flows down the current.  Lift, cast, repeat, and repeat and repeat.  Is anyone else incredibly tired of watching a strike indicator?  Perhaps my ire rests in that I have not caught a fish this way since December, but nonetheless it is time for something new. 

So bored of the pink blob….IMG_3882

With warmer temperatures, and afternoon hatches becoming more and more frequent, Dustin decided to tie up some imitations of a bug we had seen fluttering through the air on a few occasions.  Even with these fantastic imitations in the arsenal, we still utilized the indicator routine.  Bob, repeat, bob, repeat, until we saw fish rising to gulp for the last time.  On went the size 24 dry.  After two casts, a fish hit it.  After being lulled to sleep by the indicator for the last 5 months, my reflexes were woeful…I swung and missed.  This repeated for a bit, until I got back on my game and finally scored a trout…a real live trout!  It is amazing how one little fish on a dry can pull me out of the darkest fishing mood.  Dustin and I both hooked into a few fish on this small section of the Poudre, he on a flashback pheasant tail and a black beauty emerger, and I on Dustin’s simple design.   



IMG_3870 IMG_3869

Another fantastic part of fishing is seeing the other terrestrial wildlife, and signs of their handiwork. 

IMG_3891 IMG_3860

Not even a slap to the face (coke zero commercial style) could remove the smiles on our faces.  To top it off, the drive home was only ten minutes. 

Item of note: The Poudre in the canyon is shedding ice everyday, and the water, clear as gin.  Spring, it is near.



Written by Stephanie Mullins



Yay, team!! I only use an indicator 1/3 of the time now…with my Czechs…go by feel! But, I have always had better success with yarn rather than other indicators such as bubbles…Nice fishies though…and it does feel good doesn't it?


Nice photos and post.
I get bored watching an indicator for three hours, not sure how you made it three months. I think from now on in winter… regardless of how dumb it may be, I'm going to use a foam hopper as my indicator. It gives me more hope than just a piece of foam pinched on the line. Maybe the dry-dropper method would make you feel better about fishing a nymph?


Now thats what Im talking about! fishing blog criteria!
Great report guys, good job on being aware…
go white or color them pretty with nail polish..


Late winter/early spring fishing brings so much hope for the new season. glad you guys are finding those afternoon surface eaters.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Wolfy – We find new things to enjoy everyday. Have I said I love it here?

@Jay – Dustin and I were talking about using a dry as an indicator. This might give me a little more hope than watching the pink biostrike…ugh.

@Howard – Right you are. Things get better each day!

@Sanders – Best kind of therapy…

@Josh – never though about nail polish…hmmm

@Ivan – The last few times we have went out they have been crazy on top of the water. You'd think there was a party going on!

@RD – I really need to consider the Czech nymphing, because the indicator is not for me. I curse it all the time. For some reason, I just get so bored watching it. At least waiting for the tug would give me a little more excitement.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Passin – Saw on your blog about the Didymo in your neck of the woods. The stuff is disgusting and devastating. I hope education of disinfecting equipment can halt its spread in CT.


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