Wildlife viewing has increased dramatically since our relocation.  Often while driving through the canyons, we are treated with various ungulate appearances.  Until recently, the Big Thompson Canyon has been the hotspot for variety, but moose over Big T because the Poudre Canyon is now holding the crown. 

A few shots from Poudre Canyon…IMG_3938

IMG_4001 IMG_3943 IMG_3945 IMG_3941

After a few hours fishing near the hatchery, Dustin and I decided to head further up the canyon to take a peak at the falls.  Cruising merrily long, Dustin and I are enjoying an afternoon drive until he shouts, “MOOSE”.  Slowing rather quickly and busting a U-turn we cruise back to the spot.  Here, we see four moose having an afternoon snack.  A good day just became awesome.  Moose are one item that was unchecked on the wildlife list, and it was super cool to finally check it.  Not to mention checking it 20 yards from the window.  I believe Wolfy said, wait until you see the moose.  You are right my friend, magnificent.  Ungulates on our Poudre Canyon list, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Mule Deer and Moose.  

IMG_3954 IMG_3958 IMG_3962 IMG_3974 IMG_3966 IMG_3989 IMG_3986

Colorado, you do not disappoint.


Written by Stephanie Mullins



Beautiful photos. I love moose and they seem to like grazing close to the road up there. Okay, advice to the newcomers: Eat well before you go out wildlife spotting and you'll stop ungulating so much.


Very cool, Very Very VERY cool, the place you are so fortunate to tend. Isn't wildlife and nature just the best?
BlessYourHearts Oh, so, what did you catch in the stream?


Wow – I really figured you'd have to go over the Divide and into North Park to see them. There are a LOT in the North Park area.

Geez – now I've set the bar too high – you'll actually start BELIEVING the jibberish I say!


Early spring is probably the most comfortable time to see a moose in my humble opinion. Before the baby moose come and the mother moose are uber-protective and way before the rut and the over-aggressive males. Great photos.


Ivan – I believe the over-protective cows are much worse than the rutting bulls. At least in my experience. There are places I won't fish because of aggressive cows – never had a bad run-in with a bull, though.

Stephanie and Dustin

@Jay – Thanks!

@Matt – It is wildlife haven. Dustin is so psyched to hunt.

@FishCreek – We definitely were surprised to see them. I know a few hide out near Hague Creek in Rocky, but to see them beside the road was awesome!

@Howard – We like ungulating!

@Dar – Yes, nature is cool. We didn't catch the trout we were after, but we saw him cruising near the bottom. The water is so clear, but couldn't the fly on top of his nose. He was a big one!

@Wolfy – One of the reasons we are so anxious for ice out is so we can head up to North Park to see the moose. Like Ivan said, Spring is the safe time. Last September, when I was camping in Rocky by myself some hikers warned me of a very temperamental mother hanging out near the campsite. I was so nervous she was going to come after me, but I never saw her.

@Ivan – You are right about the scary moms. I've heard several stories of run-ins with protective mommas.

@Josh – Never seen one in CO? Well now we really feel good…we've out wildlife-spotted a native 🙂 I guess that means you need to get your gear and come fish the North Park area with us!


Im ready!
on the moose, I truly haven't seen one here, maybe I need to try looking up every now and then. ha.
Truth is, there are very few of them on this slope, they did transplant a few on a large flat top mountain nearby, and reports say they are doing well, and makin babys. My cousin walked right up on one last year while fishing up there.


That's awesome! I'm glad that someone is taking the time to pay attention! Good to see ol' Bullwinkle alive and well in these parts!


Beautiful place and awesome photos of the moose! I can't imagine how big they are when you are standing within sight range. I don't think I've ever seen a moose in a zoo even. Great shots!



I'm so jealous! I've wanted to see a wild moose in the worst way and for the longest time!

That one is ubber cute too. Reminds me of our horses when I was a kid. They'd get the thickest coats in winter and it always amazed me how much bigger they looked. (Not that a moose is small by any means!)


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