We love our multi-day Osprey packs.  The removal of the top part of our packs was a key deciding factor when we made the purchase.  At the time, we both agreed the top compartment would make a great daypack.  This proved to be true, as I have used mine in that fashion several times.  However, now we find ourselves in a less forgiving area.  What works for a daypack in MO isn’t the best for CO.  More gear is definitely required for a day out in the mountains.  With that said, Dustin and I need daypacks.  These packs need to be multi-use; we want to use them not only for day hikes, but also fishing hikes, and possibly some weekend jaunts. 

Osprey Kestrel 48 DaypackDustin likes the Osprey Kestrel 48.  Needless to say, it is large enough and it also has places to hang things on the outside of the pack (ie wet waders and boots).  The Osprey site claims it is the ultimate overnight pack.  He seems convinced this is the route to go.  I don’t know why he hasn’t pulled the trigger on it yet.

BETA REDAs for me, I am having trouble deciding.  Imagine that?!  Since he wants to carry a pack large enough for a weekend trip, I considered getting a hydration pack, but then those are really small.  In the daypack category, I favor the Gregory Jade.  It is just about the right size, and again there is a place to strap a rod or two, hang wet waders and boots.  Another feature I like, the front pocket allows for drainage.  A dandy place to stick rain gear after those afternoon showers.  Another pack that strikes my fancy is the Simms Headwaters.  Specifically designed as a fishing daypack, all the features are available for those trips.  It also has a hydration sleeve, which some of the fishing packs lack.   

Of course, what we plan to take is key to making the final decision.  For day outings, we would take a two person bivy, extra clothes, rain gear, food, stove, camera gear, first aid, rope, knife, head lamps, bear spray, and of course the water filter.  For fishing day trips we would take the same, except add in waders, boots, and gear.  As for the weekends, we would take all of the above and our tent and sleeping bags.  There is a lot to consider, which makes our decision a challenge.

If any one has any suggestions, or has a pack they love, let us know! 


Written by Stephanie Mullins

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