Grueling hours at a job that isn’t your favorite takes a toll on you, and Dustin was in desperate need of a weekend.  This past weekend, he took off Saturday so we could get some things done around the house and maybe fish a bit.  The last paragraph of this post includes a word or two about the Flying Fisherman Pago Sunglasses, in case you came to this blog via search engine…

Simms Fishing Products G3 Guide™ PantThe first order of business, waders; after some careful consideration, Dustin selected a Simms Wading Pant, the G3 Guide.  Offering super comfort, a YKK waterproof zipper, deep pockets, 3 & 5 layer Gore-Tex and articulated seam patterns, the G3 pants were the top choice for Dustin.   Other waders caught our eye, especially the G3 convertible bibs/pants, but in pant-mode you lose the one and only pocket.  Since pockets are something we both like, we decided against those.  Also, we just didn’t see the need for bibs.  After all, we don’t see a lot of situations where we will be wading that deep anymore.  On the rare occasion we do deep wading, we’ll pick up a cheap pair when the time comes.  Unfortunately, my size was not in stock, so I won’t get mine until later this week.  Thankfully, Gordon at Angler’s Roost was nice enough to let me borrow a pair for the weekend.   

Armed with new waders, Dustin and I were both excited to get on the water.  However, another order of business existed, KU vs. MU.  Since we don’t have cable, Dustin and I went to Mulligan’s to watch.  Everything was great until CBS cut away for the last four minutes of the game.  In two words, CBS sucks.  KU did take care of business.  Back to back to back to back to back to back to back Big 12 Champs (that’s 7 in a row if you are counting)!

Since most of the day was gone, we only got a few hours on the Poudre Saturday.  No fish came to hand (we did find three or four dead brookies), but we really didn’t pay our dues for the day.  We got to the river late so I didn’t really get into a rhythm or hit the target zone, at least I don’t think.  We heard that the fish were hitting about a 16” below surface on zebras.  I drifted that zone several times, and not even a nibble and spit.  I set myself up to fish deeper, but by then it was time to head out.  I’m ready for the days of no other obligations, and hours on the river.  Too bad Dustin has to work so much!

A quick note on the Pagos.  I wore them Saturday; the weather was cold with 90% cloud cover.  Color me impressed; the sharpness is great, and I was able to see further in the water than I have ever been able to with my Smith’s.  The color is about as good as you can expect with amber lenses, but even though the color is less than true, the clarity these lenses offer is incredible for the price point.  I want to wear them out a few more times before I do a full review, but the first time out I was quite satisfied. 
We celebrated a birthday this past week as well.  Dallas, our youngest, turned 4 on Friday.  He celebrated by escaping his kennel and chewing on some make-up brushes.  He normally doesn’t chew, but perhaps that is the way he celebrates…Happy Birthday, D!

Another busy week on tap; they cut hours this week for Dustin so he’s only working 40.  He’s anxious to get some time in at the vise, and my workload before spring break is darn near overwhelming.  I look for a lot of hours to be spent in the office/tying room this week. 
Spring is right around the corner…DST on Sunday! 


Written by Stephanie Mullins



First off, Happy Birthday to Dallas. I've had several labs and I love them; the dumb mutts! Chew a sock for me Big D! Good choice on the waders. The area of the Poudre I've fished I've wet waded. However, I know you two are going to want to go exploring this summer, so save your pennies for the bibs, you won't regret it.

Work hard…Play hard.

Stephanie and Dustin

Howard – Dallas is our resident lunkhead and the source for endless laughs. Dustin liked his Simms pants, but it is still blowing his mind not to have bibs. Breaking the norm is not settling well. However, I think if we get the pants, those will serve us pretty much anywhere. Then, on the times we hike, where we aren't familiar with the waters, we can take super lightweight bib waders of the non $400 variety 🙂


That's sweet that you guys got hooked up with some good britches!
I wear the pants too. Gotta feeling ol Gordon is going to take good care of you…


Good luck getting out again soon and Happy Birthday to Dallas. Boca, my mini black lab has her birthday the next few days as well turning 4!


What a post chock full of good stuff. Gotta let me know how he likes the new wading pants after a few more trips. I was considering them as well rather than getting another pair of hip waders.

Happy Birthday 4th Dallas.

Oh, and last but not least, Rock Chalk!

Stephanie and Dustin

@Bigerr – We are finding the pants to be quite popular 'round these parts. With the money we are dropping, he better take good care of us 🙂

@TD – We hope to get out again this weekend. 2007 was a good dog year 🙂 I love the name Boca.

@Michael – We plan to do a full review of the waders after we get out a bit more. Dustin still feels naked without the bibs, so it is an adjustment for him. I would think these would be much more comfortable than the hip waders! Go Jayhawks! One championship down, two to go.


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